Together We Care

Together We Care
Highfield & Brookham Our Community

This week Highfield and Brookham Schools launched a new movement called #TogetherWeCare. Each week we are challenged all of our pupils to take part in an activity which can be completed from home. These ‘acts of kindness’ activities are designed to help the children show their love and support to their families and the local community.

In these unprecedented times, this Easter break feels markedly different, and for many people, possibly not like a break at all. More than ever, the simple act of staying in touch or reaching out is essential to everyone’s well-being, not only for those closest to you, but also those in our wider community. We know that many of the children will have already been drawing rainbows for their windows, helping to make communities feel more cheerful and showing support for the NHS. Many of you will no doubt also have signed up to become NHS volunteers, or will already be supporting those vulnerable in your communities. There really are some amazing acts of selfless humanity taking place, from which we are all taking inspiration.

Our plan going forward is to send a weekly activity or two that can be completed at home which we hope as many of our children as possible will be able to take part in.

Sophie Baber, Headteacher at Brookham School says:

We are in the privileged position of having a wonderfully supportive and creative school community, and we would like to take time to reflect on how we can collectively support those around us, notably those who are putting themselves at risk to keep us all safe, as well as our loved ones who we are unable to visit at this time.

If you are currently not a parent at Highfield and Brookham Schools and would like to find out more about us you can order a prospectus or visit our main website.

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