24 Hours Without Tech For Charity

24 Hours Without Tech For Charity
Highfield & Brookham Highfield Prep School

Our pupils Flora and Betty with their sister Daisy, who is an Old Highfieldian, have taken on a lockdown challenge to raise money for the Hampshire Medical Fund’s ‘Dig Deep Campaign’. They challenged themselves to stay in their dining room for 24 hours without any screens – iPads, phones, TV – and only allowed themselves to leave the room to use the loo. They brought their bedding into the room as well as games, books and toys to keep themselves entertained.

Flora said,

We moved stuff out to of the room to make our own areas to have some space from each other. We found it quite hard and did squabble a bit!

At Highfield and Brookham Schools we place great importance on our pupils understanding their place in the wider community and inspire our pupils to engage with the wider world.

Flora continued,

The reason we decided to do this is because we are all so grateful to live where we live with lots of space to go, but realise it is not like that for most and want to do our bit to help the wonderful NHS and the patients.

So far, they have raised £525 for The Hampshire Medical Fund’s Dig Deep Campaign. The Hampshire Medical Fund exists to buy medical equipment that falls outside the NHS funding remit due to time or cost. The critical equipment which they are currently fundraising for will be for Basingstoke, Winchester and Andover hospitals as they battle against COVID-19.

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