Time To Be Wowed

Time To Be Wowed
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Celebration Assemblies

Early Years

Number 1 Wow! Seeing the children's confidence grow as they explored role-play through mask making to become giants and acted out the Giant from 'Jack and the Beanstalk.' The masks were all very bold and imaginative and they really enhanced the children's use of language. Number 2 Wow! The range of inventive responses used by the children to make their castles. They chose to engage in this activity indoors and outdoors and with a variety of materials including Jenga blocks, Lego and Clay. Number 3 Wow! The high levels of interest shown by all the children in response to their home learning has been so wonderful to observe. I was thrilled to be given personal tours of the dens they had made and to share their excitement in showing me what they had put inside!

Mrs Jessie Millsom, Reception Class Teacher

Year 1

Over the past week the children have continued to wow us with their creativity, determination and perseverance. From building dens, while avoiding the rain, to creating the Giant's castle, the children have shown that although times are different they are still putting in maximum effort. Team work with brothers, sisters or parents is evident and sometimes, when faced with limited resources, the children have had to think outside the box, which is something that we always encourage. Aside from the fabulous creations, my biggest wow moment has been reading the character descriptions of Jack and the Giant which have included fantastic adjectives and similes which demonstrates that the children's writing is continuing to develop. 

Mrs Georgie Hunter, Head of Year 1

Year 2

What creativity our children have demonstrated and what spirit our parents have shown in encouraging, finding the resources and supporting the most imaginative and elaborate of projects. Kitchens have been turned into art studios, gardens have been turned into giant hideouts and green houses and window sills have been taken over by seedlings. I think the biggest wow is how fantastically the parents are embracing home learning. Standards at home are being set high and combined with excellent leadership and structure from staff the learning is exceeding our expectations. The teachers in Year 2 have loved talking with their class during the live Class Time sessions and speaking on a more individual basis to children during the weekly live Family Time. It is here we learn about naughty new puppies, 5 mile cycle rides and building new Lego models.  The teachers miss these normal little conversations that we would usually have hundreds of times a day.  These are the interactions that make our job special and have become the moments that keep us connected in this unusual time. 

Mrs Kerri Wilkes, Head of Year 2

Year 3

The wow moment of the week has been the children's response to the challenge of editing and reviewing their work. They had written character descriptions and received individual feedback on them. It is evident that everyone has thought very hard, reflected and responded to their feedback and made appropriate changes to their character descriptions. I am extremely proud of everyone for their hard work on this. 

Mr Charlie Millsom, Head of Year 3

Year 4 

I have been overjoyed with the start that the whole school has made to the activities programme have got totally involved with the new Activities Lessons. I have been wowed by how creative and helpful they have all been and how they have responded with such enthusiasm to the weekly challenges. The aim of the activities programme is to offer a wide variety of tasks to provide all the children with something enriching alongside their academic lessons; encouraging them to build their independence and allow to them flourish along the way. It is amazing to see their proud faces in the photos and read their individual comments when I receive their completed activities. I can't wait to see next weeks entries, well done! 

Mr Rob Dilworth, Head of Activities

Year 5

There have been lots of wow moments in Year 5!: #1 The children continue to impress me, and all their teachers, with how well they are coping. On several occasions every member of my class has joined online at the same time which has created a truly dynamic online learning environment. #2 Listening to them read aloud during our group reading sessions is lovely and really brings the class together again. #3 Every single member of 5OS have uploaded their Spanish work (and finished it)! #4 I have received loads of wow Hogwarts acceptance letters, particularly Poppy Ouvaroff's. What an amazing week!

Miss Vivienne Liddell, Head of Year 5

Year 6

It feels amazing at these very isolated times when a whole class comes together at the same time. That combined with the discovery of new learning resources is the recipe for a wow moment! This week the whole class engaged in an online quiz whilst simultaneously taking part in my lesson. It was the first time we had all used the Kahoot! app - the children, and myself, loved it. 

Mr Bertie Campbell-Baldwin, Head of Boarding

Year 7

Shaan Amin and Luke Goodburn wowed me this week in the brand-new Virtual Model Club. It was great to come together as a group, take part in a passion we all love and share the projects everyone has been completing.

Mr Andy Baker, Head of Science

I had a wow moment when I realised during one of my Year 7 lessons I had a pupil live in Spain, two live in China, one in London and multiple local pupils in Surrey and West Sussex. I realised that no matter where we all were in the world, we were all sharing in this unusual experience, but still laughing, learning and getting through it altogether. That's what makes our community so special!

Mrs Sarah Baird, Head of Drama

Year 8

I have been wowed by the Year 8s this week. We are currently working on our 3D rocker switch designs, for the current project on Anglepoise Lamps. They have been using new software to create and experiment with their designs and have picked it up really quickly. They have demonstrated a great understanding which has made me really proud to work with such a dedicated group of children.

Mr Jamie Dew, Head of DT

I had a really lively Year 8 lesson where we all managed to do a Hand Jive to live music. At the end of the lesson the children performed to each other on screen. Ollie Crookshank and Katie Clark have certainly got some moves, but all the children were fantastic! I have to admit that at the beginning of the week, I had no idea how this was all going to work, but seeing all the children's faces again and seeing how creative they could be 'virtually' has definitely been a wow!

Mrs Sarah Baird, Head of Drama


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