Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son
Highfield & Brookham Our Community

Ollie, one of our Year 3 pupils, followed in his dad’s footsteps and shaved his head for charity. Matthew, Ollie’s dad, volunteered to take part in his company fundraiser. Several members of his team from THB Professional & Financial Risks volunteered to shave their heads to show their support and respect to NHS staff and their tireless work throughout the Covid-19 crisis.

The shave took part live over a video conference. Ollie and his younger brother, Sammy, who is in Year 1, helped do the honours. However, after they completed the live shave, Ollie decided that he wanted to show his support and asked his dad to shave his head as well.

So far Ollie and his dad along with his colleagues have raised over £13,000 for NHS Charities Together. NHS Charities Together provide extra vital funds and services to NHS hospitals, ambulances, mental and community health trusts and health boards. This funding is above and beyond what the government provides and is spent on enhancing care and experience of patients.

At the heart of Highfield and Brookham Schools is our aim to give back to the local community and make a positive impact on society. Over the past couple of months, we have seen the majority of their children and families take part in charitable projects and fundraising – making PPE, baking cakes for doctors’ surgeries, donating food to the elderly and vulnerable and fundraising for NHS charities to name but a few.

Sophie Baber, Headteacher at Brookham School said,

We place great importance on our children understanding their place in the wider community and it makes me extremely proud that Ollie and Sammy have joined their dad on this fundraising mission. As a school, we are acutely conscious of the importance of service and care to others and our pupils benefit from learning the value and importance of giving something back.

You can make a donation to 'The Shave Off' on their Just Giving Page.

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