How To Celebrate VE Day At Home

How To Celebrate VE Day At Home
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Unfortunately, we live in a world where conflict and war still exist. As we think about the 75th anniversary of VE Day we should stop and think about how we can remember people who fought in the war to bring about peace. We should give thanks to the Second World War generation for protecting the freedoms, democracy and ways of life we enjoy today. We should remember the bravery, service and sacrifice of the British and Commonwealth Armed Forces who fought in the war and those who contributed to the war effort including the emergency services, families and civilians.  

Many of us will have had our plans for celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day cancelled or changed as we continue to live through the Covid-19 pandemic. But there are still plenty of activities that you and your children can do to mark this very special occasion.  

  • Create your own decorations and decorate your home and garden. Can you make some bunting in red, white and blue? Or maybe some paper chains? Can you make a St George’s or Union Jack flag? Show your resourcefulness, as they did during the war, and think out outside the box if you don’t have the usual equipment! For example, could you use some old t-shirts or tea towels to make bunting? Or use old magazines to make paper chains? 
  • Make some cakes and ice them in red, white and blue if you can. Running low on eggs or flour? Look up recipes for eggless cakes that people baked during the war. There are some amazing recipes for flourless cakes too. 
  • Have a garden party with members of your household only, of course. Dress up if you can, or try a 1940s hairstyle. Play some music from the 1940s and learn a dance like the Lindy Hop. Set up some 1940s games like hopscotch, skipping, Capture the Flag or Marbles.  
  • Share stories of your family’s connections to WWII. 
  • Imagine you are a soldier returning home and write a story or diary entry to explain how you might be feeling.  

There are also lots of activities that are happening nationwide, albeit in a slightly different way to originally planned, that you can join in with: 

  • Observe the two-minute silence at 11am.  
  • Listen to the Last Post at 2.55pm. Can you or a family member play the bugle, trumpet or cornet? If so, join in from home. 
  • Listen to Churchill’s end of war speech at 3pm and toast the heroes of WW2, raising a glass (with a refreshment of your choice) and saying: “To those who gave so much, we thank you”.
  • Join in with the UK-rendition of Dame Vera Lynn’s ‘We’ll Meet Again’ at 9pm. We think this will be particularly moving in these times.  

During the difficult time that we are all living through, its particularly poignant to remember the world has faced crises before and come through them due to the strength and commitment of its people.

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