Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom
Highfield & Brookham Highfield Prep School

We wanted to share with you an extraordinary piece of descriptive writing by Rina in Year 8 - we promise it was not copied from a book!

The snow on the proud mountain is like powdered alabaster, a stunning white that stands out brilliantly in the cerulean sky. A gentle breeze dances around, coaxing the branches to join in. Sparkling glitter flutters in the over lapping waves as if desperate to escape the water. Murmurs drift into the air as people, merely insignificant specks compared to the whimsical stratovolcano, chatter away without a care in the world in the presence of the magnificent vision.

Delicately designed, the cherry blossoms are an enchanting gift to our world. Silky like satin under the touch, addicting and soothing to the smell. Mixed with the aroma of the damp and itchy grass it is both intoxicating and exhilarating. The petals are flawless, not a spot of dirt on them and they look graceful, angelic and alluring as if compelling our eyes to take a closer look. Compared to the flowers, the trees feel jarred and calloused, a damaged soldier next to an immaculate woman. But they go together so adequately, standing out in the never ending blue. They balance the whole picture out, drawing attention to themselves immediately although they are not famously named.

It is aesthetic, how well the colours coral and azure complement each other. The latter bringing attention to the key parts of the hypothetical image, especially the fascinating snow. Our eyes begging to stare at the pleasing and mythical dome above our heads. The babbling from different directions becoming background noise as the taste of the sharp air comes with the inhale. It is uplifting, lively and thrilling as if the aura from the surroundings had been converted into taste.

The rustling branches are like music, a choir singing in harmony to impress the audience. Inspiring, encouraging and comforting emotions burst into the atmosphere, causing all the smiles to brighten. The trees’ limbs make rich sounds that is relaxing and reassuring, reminding the passing people that everything is real. As the breeze picks up, an elegant bird comes soaring into the sky, a splendid addition to the already perfectly sculpted view. After a few passing seconds of it dancing charmingly in the air, it is accompanied by a fellow bird and they swerve around one another playfully as if knowing what to do to give an entertaining show.

As everything seems to die down, a perfect opportunity to relax reveals itself. The urge to absorb all the positive energy that is radiating from all around is firm and determined. From the ivory snow that sits on top of the mountain to the constant sky, everything in sight looks like it has come out from a fictional book, all created from imagination. The perfume of the earthy grass and the taste of the refreshing air are breathtaking. With the heartening sounds of the dancing branches giggling in glee and the caress of the plush blossoms, one could be lost in this moment forever. There are very few things that serve as a reminder to every living creature on this Earth that our world can be a blissful place and this remarkable, miraculous and exceptional view is one of them.

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