Hampshire To Hong Kong

Hampshire To Hong Kong
Highfield & Brookham Our Community

Over Half Term we are challenging all of the Highfield and Brookham community to join together on a virtual trek. ‘Hampshire to Hong Kong’ will take us from our schools in Hampshire to the furthest away place where our pupils live, Hong Kong. On the way we will go via France, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Japan and China to visit as many as our international families as possible. We are encouraging children, parents and teachers to don their walking boots, jump on their bikes or even brave a swim and join us on this exciting journey so we can be together while we are apart.

Step 1

Take part in some form of daily exercise: walking, running, biking, horse riding, swimming. Get as many people in your family involved – including the dog! Note: 15 minutes of activity eg trampolining, equates to 1 mile. 

Step 2

At the end of each activity log how many miles you have completed collectively as a family. You can fill in the log more than once a day if you need to.

Step 3

Send a photo of you in action to marketing@highfieldschool.org.uk.

Step 4

Keep track on the progress on social media. Can we reach Hong Kong by 7th June? If you are not on social media you can keep track on our website.

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