Be Bold, Be Brave

Be Bold, Be Brave
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Early Years

Courage is something magical. It happens inside us and make us push through fear, uncertainty, and anxiety. It helps us to take on the things that may at first feel difficult, risky or frightening. Courage only has to happen for a second, just long enough to take a bold move. Sometimes, safe and certain might be the perfect place for the children to be. But, so much growth will happen when they let go of the handrail, even if just for a second. As a Teacher, it is important I understand each individual child. Believing in the child and understanding how far to push them, but letting them know that it is okay to hang on, is integral to my job. They hang on whilst they are getting comfortable, thinking and working on a plan. When fanning the brave spark inside them, giving them plenty of encouragement and eventually letting go, it is important to ensure that the child knows it will not always feel like readiness or certainty but that is what makes them brave.

Mrs Jessie Millsom, Reception Class Teacher

Year 1

Promise me you will remember, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think.

A. A. Milne

Never has this quote had more prominence. After the initial excitement of being back amongst their friends, the children have adapted exceptionally well to the new norms of their learning. For some who are leaving siblings at home, it has been a true testament to their resolve and determination by continuing to apply themselves to be the best they can be, both inside the classroom and out. There have been adventures at Forest School, intricate tin forests created, along with the development of running techniques and the learning of Spanish words for items of food, to mention a few of the highlights. It is wonderful to see the children skip into school each day and a blessing to all be back together once again as a class. 

Mrs Henrietta Platt, Year 1 Class Teacher

Year 2

Being bold means taking chances, exploring new things, persevering when things seem tricky and being willing to make mistakes in order to learn. This is true whether being bold academically or emotionally. This week, the children have been tackling additional challenging questions in Maths, exploring how to add, subtract, multiply and divide different masses. Their work on conjunctions has encouraged them to make bold language choices, being brave about the words that they have used even if it is new vocabulary that they are practising spelling, using and applying. Activities such as coding outside, playing a memory game or doing an observational drawing have all created opportunities for the children to be brave with their learning and to take risks by challenging themselves. However, above all, it has to be noted that all the children in Year 2 are continuing with their learning at home and have now completed seven full weeks of this. The children have had to be incredibly resilient and brave in keeping going and remaining positive when apart from each other and the natural camaraderie and buzz that learning in a classroom brings. I have really enjoyed our class meetings throughout the week, as the children have started to really encourage and support each other. The time connected with each other has been invaluable in helping them all to be brave in keeping going with their learning. They know that while it is hard to be apart, they are being bold in the way that they are facing this challenge and brave in their positive determination. 

Miss Ellie Graham, Year 2 Class Teacher

Year 3

The Year 3 blog is filling up fast with videos, movies and book reviews created by children who, only weeks ago, might have felt intimidated by the technology. It is clear to see that they are inspiring each other, not only to read new books reviewed by a classmate, but to produce magic shows, animal care tips and lego designs for their friends to enjoy. While, at the beginning of online learning, many felt shy and unsure about communicating with each other online, they have now become more confident and competent to listen and share their views during online class sessions and many of them are using the internet to work together on learning tasks. This confident adaptation to new circumstances and development of new skills surely stands them in good stead for their transition to Highfield in September, before which we are very much hoping to see them in person...

Miss Sophie Delacombe, Year 3 Class Teacher

Year 4

Around late April time, swallows start to arrive in the UK, after taking six weeks to migrate all the way from South Africa. They cover around 200 miles a day! During the migration, some swallows unfortunately die from starvation, exhaustion or in storms, but the majority of swallows that do make it will often return to the same nest that they used the previous year. 4H have been learning about different animals' lifecycles during Science, and we unintentionally ended up talking about swallows. We talked about how amazing these tiny little birds are, and how we can learn a lot from them. Keeping on going when the going is tough, even if we feel a bit lost and scared. 4H have been like my little flock of bold, brave swallows this term. It hasn't always been easy but they have never given up. After seven weeks of hard work, the summer holidays are nearly in sight, just like the swallows spying the White Cliffs of Dover... Try to spot any swallows nesting near your house or when you’re out exercising. 

Mrs Susannah de la Haye, Year 4 Class Teacher

Year 5

Never has a phrase been more apt. Year 5's sheer determination of facing online learning has been truly awesome. It struck me though – do you have to ‘be brave’ in order to ‘be bold’? Bravery is defined as ‘being ready to face danger and show courage’; yet to be bold is defined as ‘showing a willingness to take risks; confident and courageous’. Courage certainly seems to be the common theme here and a word that instantly springs to mind when watching our Year 5s attempting to learn topics that are being covered for the first time; whether this be multiplying decimals in Maths, or trying to grasp the story of The Tempest in Drama. I have seen courage amongst so many of them in just ‘giving things a go’ and trying their hardest, even when the sun has been shining outside, luring them away from their learning. Yet being bold and brave can also instil a sense of liberation; George, in 5SB, has shown these qualities in droves this week, as he has spent most of it on his bike, building ramps in the garden, cycling down steps and off on big adventures with his brother. He has no fear on his bike and has constantly returned home with a new graze of some sort! Annabel also survived her first 15km road bike ride with her father and brother during PE, showing so much bravery tackling the hills of Haslemere and Fernhurst. Theo has been sleeping outside with his dogs and encountered a particularly brave moment as he came under attack at midnight when the full force of the lawn sprinkler came on! My overriding feelings from this week is not only to be bold and to be brave, but to also enjoy life every step of the way!

Mrs Sarah Baird, Year 5 Form Tutor

Year 6

Every afternoon Year 6 are being encouraged to be bold and brave, particularly in the sporting aspects of their return. In competitive situations we encourage active participation regardless of ability. Children are encouraged to positively involve themselves which takes both boldness and bravery. Little by little, confidence is developed as being bold and brave pays off in successful results. For those who already feel confident on the sports field, it takes courage to perform in such a way that is a constructive example to others. Being bold and brave in sporting participation develops confidence and self esteem which can be applied to all situations in life.

Miss Jo Gordon, Head of Physical Education and Girls Games

Year 7

Throughout their time of learning from home we have seen Year 7 be bold and brave in all aspects of their learning. First hand, I have seen our Year 7s boldly applying themselves to their DT projects - designing and building scented wax tea light melts. Their challenge was to use a potato as a means to cast their wax and had to sculpt into their potato halves, with a sprue built in, using nothing but a teaspoon. These challenges can seem daunting at first as they are away from the DT Room where they have all of the equipment they could dream of. But this has not put them off. We have seen some very elaborate designs and everybody rose to the challenge. I could not be more proud of all their accomplishments.

Mr Jamie Dew, Head of DT

Year 8

52 children have been sitting their exams this week. I admire their courage, persistence and sheer hard work in these peculiar times. Not only have they had to cope with six weeks of online lessons and not being able to come into school or to spend time with their friends and peers, but they have then approached their exams with such fortitude. They are doing so well, hopefully with results to shine. We do encourage the pupils to be bold and brave, and although none of us expected this to happen, boldness and bravery have certainly come to the fore this term. Let’s not forget 8 Set 1*, who have not sat exams this term. However, they too have worked expertly, demonstrating diligence, determination and high levels of analysis and critical thinking skills. Bravo to them.

Mr Simon Mason, Head of Year 8


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