Virtual Athletics Meeting

Virtual Athletics Meeting
Highfield Prep School Sport

Each year our children look forward to competing in the annual Hurstpierpoint Athletics meet. The meet sees our children compete against fellow Prep Schools in all track and field events. We were overjoyed to hear our friends at Hurst we’re still running the event but for the first time ever, it was held virtually.

There were different athletics events that children could set up in the garden such as long jump, broad jump and sprint. Our children really enjoyed recording their results and the chance to compete against other schools virtually.

We a proud to announce that we received 9 Gold, 7 Silver and 4 Bronze medals.

Name Year Broad Jump Long Jump Sprint Middle Distance Long Distance
Tom Reid 4 Silver Silver Bronze Gold Gold
Angus Jennings 4 Silver Gold Silver Silver Bronze
Emily Sherlock 5   Bronze Silver    
Sophia Smith 5       Gold  
William Jennings 6   Gold Gold Bronze Silver
Poppy Reid 6     Gold Gold Gold

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