Together, Apart: Our Around the World Trip during ‘Lockdown’

Together, Apart: Our Around the World Trip during ‘Lockdown’

One of the benefits of being part of Highfield is the wonderful, diverse and warm global community we enjoy. As the Coronavirus spread, and countries and schools began to close, how could we re-create those daily moments of social interaction and connection, especially with our families overseas?

Whole school assemblies and events are essential for creating a sense of ‘oneness’ so we live streamed and recorded them, to allow families in different time zones to watch at a time that suited them. Interactive form times and daily check-ins provided opportunities to reconnect with peers and regain a sense of normality.

Then, over May Half Term, we had the idea to take a whole school ‘virtual trek’ from Hampshire to Hong Kong, visiting some of our international families along the way. We challenged the whole school community to don their walking boots, jump on their bikes or even brave a swim to join us on this exciting virtual journey so we could be together even while apart.

There was a fabulous response with children, parents and teachers walking, running, horse riding, paddle boarding and swimming, all the while counting up the miles to try to reach Hong Kong. Each time we ‘arrived’ in a country, we invited our families there to send us a photo or video which we could share with everyone. It was a wonderful opportunity for whole school participation and fun.

WATCH THE VIDEO to see our journey and messages from some of our pupils around the world!

With such a fantastic effort, we made the whole trip from Hampshire to Hong Kong in just under two weeks. 18,605 miles in total. Despite the current challenges, we can still come together and achieve unimaginable things. You see,

No matter the distance between us, we are always connected.


If you are a UK or international family based overseas and would like to be part of our international community - why not join our International Parent Groups on Facebook or on LinkedIn?

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