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Nursery Explore and Discover

It is delightful to see how the youngest children at Brookham have embraced the learning environment and how quickly they have settled; it really feels like they have been with us for longer than two weeks!  The children have been working collaboratively whilst they explore and engage in everything the environment has to offer. Gentle, kind hands are being used by the children and care and consideration of equipment is being shown. The children have explored mint and lavender from the garden by using their senses to smell and feel, motor skills to cut and pour and imagination to create ‘tea and potions!’ Exploration of colour and how it can be changed has taken place this week with diluted paint in bottles being used to strengthen the children's physical motor skills. The first swimming session of the year commenced this week. This was an absolute highlight with the children and it was great to observe them accessing this amazing facility.

Mrs Lou Blackaby, Nursery Teacher

Reception Work as a Team

As part of our topic 'On the move', we have enjoyed listening to the story 'Mr Gumpy's motor car'. We loved re-enacting the story using props, making a car using chairs and using voices to represent the different characters. We looked at the different road signs and we worked in groups making signs for our outdoor area. Team work was very important for this activity, we worked collaboratively taking turns to cut, draw and stick. In our Spanish lesson this week we made animal masks and made up names for them. We practised by asking each other what is your name in Spanish 'Como te llamas?' Research shows that learning a second language boosts problem solving, critical thinking and listening skills in addition to improving memory, concentration, and the ability to multitask.

Mrs Jessie Millsom, Reception Teacher

Year 1 Are Budding Engineers

Our child-initiated shared area includes a DT bench where the children are able to plan, design and make models of anything they like. Incorporating an element of risk, the children learn how to safely use the tools under guidance and this week, they were able to explore and practise hammering nails and sawing pieces of wood using a clamp. By planning and designing what they want to make first, the children are encouraged to think carefully about the design process and what materials might work best. Outside, with the wooden blocks and clay bricks, imaginations ran wild. This week the blocks and bricks were used collaboratively and creatively to make the roof of a house, a seesaw and a woodpecker. Once made, the structures were discussed thinking about the choices that had been made and the reasons for these. It is wonderful to see so many budding engineers in the making.

Mrs Henrietta Platt, Year One Class Teacher 

Year 2 Get Scientific

Year 2 have had such a fantastic and busy time this week! Perhaps the most fun was our Science on Monday in the Brookham grounds. We spent a glorious afternoon searching for things that are alive, were once alive and things that were never alive. Justifying our answers lead to some very important scientific debates. The collaboration of the two classes was absolutely amazing and we all learnt heaps. The children were also super pleased with their rainforest miniature habitat boxes that we started to paint and decorate in creative time. Many of the children recreated this habitat and others in their computing lessons later in the week. Everybody thought carefully about the layers of the rainforest and the particular type of conditions and surroundings that each animal would need. The half-termly House meeting took on a new meaning for the Year 2s this year, as they realised that next year the children being voted for House Captains will be them! Everyone shared their ideas about how we might earn house-points. As usual, our snack times are important for our social development and for sharing our ideas and getting to know each other better.

Mrs Stephanie Turner, Year Two Class Teacher

Year 3 Hold House Captain Elections

This week is always a very special one in Year 3, as the children have the opportunity to put themselves forward for the role of  House Captain. The children are aware of the incredibly important way that House Captains contribute to our school community. Each Year 3 candidate explained the way they would approach the role and how they would aim to support other children in the school. As part of the process of choosing House Captains, the children knew that they had to consider carefully what each candidate had said, rather than voting based on friendship. The process also provided the opportunity for discussion about the appropriate way to celebrate one’s own success and the success of others, as well as developing resilience in the situation of not being chosen. As part of our Ice Worlds and Adventurers topic, Year 3 have been exploring the concept of erosion. To test their knowledge they worked in teams at Forest School to build their own volcano. They had to work collaboratively, listening to ideas within the group and making decisions about how to ensure that their volcano would be as resistant as possible to erosion.  

Miss Ellie Graham, Year 3 Class Teacher

Year 4 Bring Bob to Life

This term in Science, Year 4 are learning all about the skeleton and the body.  They started the term making the most of being outside and needed to fill an empty 'Bob' with all that he needed in order to live. After many bones were named and labelled, eventually Bob was given some organs to bring him to life!  Continuing with the theme of bones and the skeleton, the children impressed with their knowledge of the body and were able to use many of the scientific terms in order to name their bones. Whilst naming the bones and then joining them all together, Year 4 have thoroughly enjoyed creating their own jiggly skeletons! 

Mrs Charlie Peerless, Year 4 Teacher

Year 5 Have Pure Imagination

It has been a whirlwind start to the term and the Year 5s have shown that not even a pandemic can stand in the way of ensuring that 'the show must go on'! Their production, 'Pure Imagination', is an amalgamation of 3 different fairy tales, all with a slight twist - Spiderella, Slurping Beauty and The Emperor's New Hair! Every single member of Year 5 has given their all to create this production, showing an abundance of energy, enthusiasm and a commitment to learning their lines in such a short space of time and working as a fantastic team. In accordance with government guidelines, we have unfortunately been unable to accommodate a live audience for this production. Therefore, we filmed their performance on Thursday and this will be released to Year 5 parents shortly. We hope you enjoy it!

Mrs Sarah Baird, Head of Drama

Year 6 Go Wild

Our Keys Programme gives children the opportunity to focus on skills beyond the academic, skills that will be so important in their future, like teamwork, problem solving and independent thinking. During Keys this week, Year 6 headed out into the woods for a bushcraft session. The children were set the task of making a den, thinking carefully about what makes a good shelter and what they might need to live and survive in the wild. Whilst busy making their dens, the children discovered lots of different insects and took the opportunity to explore their habitats. Keys sessions test the children in different ways and without any academic pressures, they are free to take risks and try new things, building their confidence as a result.

Miss Hannah Feery, Assistant Teacher

Year 7 Choose Poetry

In English this week Year 7 worked on their descriptive writing skills. The children have enjoyed exploring different language choices and used a thesaurus to extend their ever developing vocabulary. It has been wonderful to see them expressing their ideas with such confidence and we have been delighted with the results. Examples of the work will be on display soon! We have also started the process of selecting poems for the greatly anticipated House Poetry Competition. Each child will chose a poem and recite it to their English teacher. Their teacher will then decide who goes through to recite their poem to the Heads of House and they will decide on the finalists. The competition may look a bit different this year but it will undoubtedly be a wonderful event nonetheless. 

Miss Lucy Hendry, English Teacher

Year 8 Get the Blues

This term Year 8 are studying the roots of modern music. The children were excited to learn the history of what influenced the pop music we know and love today. We started with the Atlantic Slave Trade and explored how Blues music emerged from this, created by the African Americans at the end of the 19th century. They discovered that blues music was originally performed by one singer, accompanied by a guitar or banjo, and looked at the structure of a typical blues song, learning that the 12 bar blues led on to the development of  rock ‘n roll music and onwards. 

Mr John Mühlemann, Director of Music


Highfield House Points

Good Marks (Years 4, 5 & 6)

Jack Goldsmith 9 • George Spooner 9 • William Webster 9 • Jamie Borwick 1 • Iona Dumas 1 • Paloma Kelton 1

Trafalgar 5 • Waterloo 4.1 • Agincourt 3.7 

Plus Marks (Year 4, 5 & 6)

Oscar Bloxam 15 • Rory Lett 15 •  Wilfred Hargreaves 13 • Aimee Horn 10 • Oscar Jackson 9 • Frederick Harris 8 

Trafalgar 9.5 • Agincourt 8.4 • Waterloo 7.8 

Merit Marks (Years 7 and 8)

Fergus Turvill 10 • Sebastian Lett 9 • Edward Scott 9

Trafalgar 1.8 • Waterloo 1.7 • Agincourt 1.4

Brookham House Points

Willow 465 • Oak 405 • Ash 400

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