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Friends to Learn From
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Nursery Keep Active

We recognise the importance and benefit of physical activity, not only for physical health, growth and development, but also because of the positive impact it has on mental health. Physical activity allows our children to enjoy themselves, reduce stress, improve concentration and it provides opportunities for everyone to succeed. We encourage physical activity every day, and our weekly PE lesson with Mrs Oecken is a particular highlight. It is a time when children are taught specific skills that help them develop their gross motors skills, hand-eye coordination and stamina. Over the past few weeks, the progress the Nursery children have made with a number of fundamental skills has been impressive. They started the term by learning how to move around a space in different ways, including hopping, skipping and jumping, and they have practised different ways to move a ball. They have then moved on to learning different ways to balance, initially just using their own bodies, but more recently using floor level equipment. The next step, after half term will be when they are introduced to some more challenging PE equipment including benches, tables and small ladders, which will be used to practise balancing and learning to jump down safely. It has been fantastic to witness the determination and perseverance the children show when faced with a new challenge. This week, following their PE lesson, they chose to continue practising their skills by borrowing the PE equipment and creating their own balance challenge in the Nursery garden.

Mrs Sam Forster, Head of Nursery and Early Years

Reception Wonder On A Wander

In our busy world it is important sometimes to stop, reflect and take note of our surroundings. This week the Reception children were encouraged to really look with their eyes and to talk about what they could see. While lying on their backs staring up at the wispy clouds, the children chattered about the different shapes they could see. From dinosaurs to mountains, dogs to fairies, everyone could see a different image. While continuing their walk through our wonderful grounds, some clambered into the bushes to pick the last of the juicy, ripe blackberries while others filled their pockets with treasures of acorns and conkers. There was huge excitement when a large, hairy, green caterpillar was spotted climbing along a leaf. Why was it there? What type of caterpillar was it?  Giving children time to explore and consider their environment is so important for them to feel at one with nature and to appreciate things that are otherwise taken for granted. 

Mrs Georgie Hunter, Head of Reception

Year 1 Speak and Listen

Speaking and Listening is a crucial part of the curriculum and provides an opportunity for the children to grow in confidence when speaking in front of both familiar and unfamiliar audiences. This is a life skill that every child needs for their future. In Year 1, each week Show and Tell is planned for and presented by the children themselves and always prioritised by staff. The Year 1 team have been blown away by the quality of this year’s topic talks and this week was no exception. From adventures in Devon to ducklings, the children have shared memories, passions and hobbies with their friends through Show and Tell. They have impressed us with their ability to talk with clarity and confidence as they share information about their chosen topics. Some have even shown potential for a future career in teaching as they paused to ensure everyone was listening and gave opportunities for questions at the end of their presentation.

Mrs Olivia Shepherd, Year 1 Class Teacher

Year 2 Get Writing

We are becoming confident writers in Year 2. This week was the 'invention' stage of our Literacy unit, The Great Kapok Tree. Throughout the unit we have internalised the language through saying it and repetition, we have rehearsed the key vocabulary, we have explored the grammar and sentence structure and we have innovated the story. Yesterday, the children worked independently on their 'Hot Write' putting these skills in to practise. From simple substitutions, hugging closely to the original text to significant rewrites with adventurous story lines the children have shown they can enjoy writing and developing their ideas. The final read through for corrections and improvements has been carried out and the children are rightly proud of their work.

Mrs Kerri Wilkes, Year 2 Class Teacher

Year 3 Discover Fossils

Year 3 have travelled back in time to learn about palaeontology as part of their Rocks and Fossils topic in Science. It was impressive to see the careful way they handled and scrutinised fossils from Haslemere Museum, learning that they are millions of years old and making detailed observational drawings. Using identification charts and fossil books, they worked in teams to identify ammonites, sharks' teeth, belemnites and even fossilised wood. They found out about the life and works of Mary Anning, whose fossil expertise and discoveries were largely overlooked by the scientific community during her lifetime because of her gender. This led to some thought-provoking conversations about fairness and how to treat other people. Our Year 3 palaeontologists have also 'discovered' their own, unique fossils, with the help of a little clay and Plaster of Paris. Teamwork was essential as they frantically stirred the stiff plaster mixture and poured it into each mold before it set solid. The end results are fantastic and will be proudly displayed in a Fossil Museum next week.

Miss Sophie Delacombe, Year 3 Class Teacher

Year 4 Bears v Raptors - Bears Dig Deep 

Bears and Raptors raced out of the changing rooms excited for their first Highfield Premier League fixture. Both teams split off for a dynamic warm up before getting a ball at their feet, fine tuning their close control. Raptors wasted no time at all, a few slick passes between Alec Williams and Harry Remers took the boys straight into the opposition box and without hesitation Remers calmly positioned the ball into the bottom corner. 1-0. Conceding so early on might have disheartened other teams but not the Bears who dug deep and, through Jack Heaver, got themselves on the score sheet showing great determination. 1-1. Next, we witnessed a moment of pure brilliance when Harry Mitchell dribbled down the right wing, passed three defenders before thumping the ball from the edge of the box into the top right corner. Outstanding! 2-1 to the Bears. It didn’t get any easier for Raptors when a penalty was awarded against them. Mitchell placed the ball down and calmly took a deep breath before hammering the ball into the bottom left corner. Ted Kessell made a valiant effort in goal but Mitchell’s power proved too strong. 3-1 Bears. The half-time whistle couldn’t have come sooner for Raptors who were beginning to crumble. 

However, after motivational words from each team member Raptors were ready to take on the challenge. It looked as through their luck was beginning to turn when, due to a spot of misfortune, Raptors conceded an own goal. 3-2. The pressure stayed with Bears as powerful shots were coming in left, right and centre. Finally, one crept in but not without Digby Leach making some outrageous saves on the line. Clawing it back, the score was now tied at 3-3. With minutes left on the clock, Mitchell was dancing in and out of defenders again like he had done all game, somehow coming out the other side and thumping an absolute beauty into the roof of the net. Harry the Hat-trick Hero! 4-3 to the Bears. The excitement didn’t stop there as the Raptors talisman Williams was now running at the quivering Bear’s defence. With quick feet and a shift of weight, Williams created himself space in a crowded box to fire home an equaliser. 4-4. With the final whistle imminent, Jack Heaver found himself in some space darting forward. He looked up to find who other than Harry Mitchell making a curving run off the ball, screaming for the pass. The pass was completed with weighted perfection and, with the form that Mitchell is in, the outcome was never in doubt. The net rippled and Mitchell joined his teammates in celebration as the final whistle sounded. 5-4 to the Bears. An absolutely cracking game of Football to watch which showed skill, teamwork and some very clinical finishing. 

Mr Fraser Murphy, U9 Football Coach

Year 5 Sharks v Tigers - Sharks Bite Hard

The enthusiasm was palpable as the Year 5 girls warmed up, fastened their Netball bibs and got into position for the starting whistle of the first HPL Netball match. The Tigers took an early lead scoring three consecutive goals in the first quarter to the Sharks' one. However, after a quick team chat and a few positional changes, the Sharks came back with renewed energy and quickly levelled the score to three - three by half time. With some excellent defending by Lydia and great passing by Charlotte the Sharks continued to surge ahead in the third quarter. The Tigers, eager to work as a strong team pack, were not backing down and passed the ball well into their attacking third. They had several opportunities to score in the final quarter, but narrowly missed the post several times by a mere whisker. In the last few minutes the Sharks bit again, scoring the final goal to secure a solid victory against the Tigers five goals to three. What a super game to kick off the tournament! The girls played with excellent effort and great sporting spirit. 'Girl of the Game' votes went to Lydia Warr for the Sharks and Alice Copson for the Tigers. 

Miss Natalie McIntosh, U10 Netball Coach

Year 6 Sharks v Tigers - The War Has Begun

This game should have been a battle played out in the coliseums of Rome with 1000s of plebeians in attendance cheering their side to victory such was the intensity of this first U11 HPL Clash - Sharks Vs Tigers. Sharks started in attack mode and Tigers by comparison were absent without leave with the exception of Larby and Tyrrell-Evans. Graves and Jenkins opened up the scoring account for the Sharks with two brilliantly taken goals. The hierarchy at the Theatre of Dreams need to be looking down south for finishers. Half time could not come quickly enough for the Tigers. They were able to gather their thoughts and work out some positions, rather than following the ball around the park as if they were bees following a jar of honey. The second half started with much end to end action and the Tigers drew level and then through a Cunningham brace, went ahead. For the Sharks it was a story of missed opportunity, they created many chances and had it been a game of Rugby, they would have been well clear in the points department, alas for them it was jumpers for goal posts and the Tigers were more accurate in their execution of their opportunities, running out 5 – 3 winners, with Larby and Goswell adding to the score sheet. For Sharks, battle woes, for Tigers battle cheers, but the war has only just begun.

Mr Richard Dunn, U11 Football Coach

Year 7 Raptors v Bears - The Raptors Soar

It was evident from the very start of the match between the Raptors and Bears that both teams were determined to score as many goals as possible. This led to a great end to end match with every single one of the girls giving it their all. The deadlock was eventually broken by a smooth move from the Raptors who tore through the Bears' defence for Flora Tyrwhitt-Drake to score the first goal of the match. This soon led to another break away goal again finished off by Flora. The Bears decided that attack was the best form of defence and went all out trying to get back into the match, unfortunately this left their defence wide open and another counter attack led to Flora finishing off for her hat-trick. Half time provided both teams with the opportunity to talk tactics and to make some crucial changes ready for the second half. With nothing to lose the Bears continued their pursuit of their first goal of the tournament, but the Raptors managed to break away and Annabel Manning scored a goal that put the come back out of sight for the Bears. However, in great sporting spirit the Bears did not give up and made the Raptors work to the very end. Their hard work was eventually rewarded with a lovely move finished off by Poppy Reid. The final score was 4-1 to the Raptors, with both teams giving everything they could. It was a joy to watch and good luck to both teams going forward in the competition.     

Mr Elliott Hall, U12 Hockey Coach

Year 8 Bears v Raptors - An Epic Battle

The inaugural HPL fixture on the U13 Football calendar was between the Bears and Raptors, the first of many epic battles to come. A strong Raptors team were firm favourites to begin the game, thanks in part to the Bears missing Vice Captain of Football George Bird and Sander Marshall-Lee. This did not stop the Bears from showing some committed defending from the off.  There was also some generous play from Raptors midfielder Ali Maynard, who managed to miss a number of excellent chances early on, but it did not take long for Santi Peach to turn the screw and score a quick fire, first half hat-trick, including a couple of outstanding finishes from tight angles. Maynard did finally score (despite his best efforts) to make the Half Time Score 4-0. Some tactical changes at Half Time from both teams re-energised the Bears and they came out playing some lovely football, with Johnny Costa-Duarte leading the line and Archie Read controlling the game from midfield. The combination of these two created a chance for Costa-Duarte who, despite an excellent effort by Fabien Mayes, finished superbly into the bottom corner. The comeback was on. William Herring, of the Raptors, thought otherwise and decided to take over.  Herring scored three goals, despite some truly outstanding keeping from ‘The Wall’ Anton Yakushin, whose bravery and disregard for his own well-being was admired by all. Read scored a second for the Bears but by this point, they could not complete their Disney-like rise from the ashes. The game was completed by a fantastic penalty from Charlie Hammond, who accidently managed to be the most skillful player on the pitch, leaving the final score at 8-2. It was a fantastic first round match for the boys and they are excited to continue their battles in the coming matches.

Mr James Figgis, U13 Football Coach

Highfield House Points 

Good Marks (Years 4, 5 & 6)

Sabina Tracey 49 • Dee Dee Sinclair 22 • George Elmore 20 • Jack Heaver 15 • Oliver Glasgow 13 • Wilfred Walters 13

Agincourt 17.3 • Waterloo 16.9 • Trafalgar 16.6

Plus Marks (Year 4, 5 & 6)

George Elmore 49 • Zac Jenkins 49 • Sabina Tracey 47 • Amelie Kingsbury 37 • Amelie Tyrell-Evans 36 • Max Grant 31 

Trafalgar 44.3 • Agincourt 41.4 • Waterloo 38.8

Merit Marks (Years 7 and 8)

Oliver Hendricks 45 • Fergus Turvill 44 • Isabella Hendricks 30 

Agincourt 11 • Trafalgar 9.5 • Waterloo 9.0 

Brookham House Points

 Willow 310 • Oak 282 • Ash 276 

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