Respect and Remember

Respect and Remember
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Nursery Create Poppies

The children in Nursery have looked at the poppy flower this week. The children have used different types of media to make poppies such as paint, playdough, tissue paper and glue. Some children created poppies by printing with their hands and with apples and some made poppies using different materials on the light table. The children watched a short video of Remembrance Day which inspired many discussions. One child drew a rabbit hiding under a helmet which they had seen on the film. At Forest School we looked at the changes of the season and observed how all the leaves had now fallen from the trees. Searching for the longest chestnut leaf was a game initiated by the children on the way to Brookham Forest. They discovered that the leaves made brilliant bunny ears! 

Lou Blackaby, Nursery Teacher

Reception Value Respect

In line with Remembrance Day, the Reception children have be focusing on the British Value of Respect and gaining a better knowledge and understanding of the world and important events in history. In class we had a discussion about the many important people who helped to keep us safe a long time ago and that poppy flowers help us to remember and say thank you to those special people. The children asked many interesting questions eager to find out more. The children planted poppy seeds in the garden and made poppy pictures using different media such as paint, collage, drawing and they also made poppies to wear. We watched a short BBC film together to help us think about Remembrance Day and took part in the two-minute silence remembering those who fought in the war.  

Jessie Millsom, Reception Teacher

Year 1 Reflect on War and Peace

Year 1 could not let this week pass without taking some time to remember, reflect and show our respect to all the soldiers who died in WWI and WWII. The children learnt how this impacted not just the soldiers but also many families who lost loved ones or had loved ones return with life changing injuries. They considered how these events shaped the world we live in today and how remembering these past events can help make a better future. There was a discussion about the importance of peace and one child commented “they fought for us to help us have a better life.” They worked collaboratively to create a Flanders Field full of poppies in memory of all the soldiers. The children reflected on the importance of working as a team, just like the soldiers would have had to. 

Olivia Shepherd, Year 1 Class Teacher

Year 2 Use Maths For Remembrance

As part of our activities for National Maths Week, we have been looking at how Maths is used in our daily lives. The purchase of poppies for Remembrance Day has given the children such an opportunity as they totalled up the donations and worked out the change from their purchases. Year 2 are always excited to learn new things and this week they have been grappling with the tricky concept of the inverse in addition and subtraction questions. Moving quickly between addition and subtraction operations is not easy and so, we decided to practise what we have learnt by playing a fun game of "Mathopoly". Not only did the children re-enforce their learning, but the teachers were proud to see the children showing good sportsmanship and collaboration skills. 

Stephanie Turner, Year 2 Class Teacher

Year 3 Contemplate Conflict

Year 3 have spent time contemplating the symbol of the poppy and the significance of Remembrance Day. They discussed the importance of remembering those who fought in wars and have found out about family members who were involved in both the First and Second World Wars. They thought about the millions of young men who did not survive the wars as they read, listened and responded to war poetry. The children took time and care as they each quietly decorated a remembrance stone to keep as a personal memorial. It has been fascinating to hear the children debating with each other, listening to opinions which might differ from their own, and reaching a consensus of opinion that people should work together resolve conflicts peacefully without needing to go to battle. They have also resolved to use this approach in their own lives and, as the oldest children at Brookham, to help their younger peers to use kind words and communicate positively with each other before a disagreement arises. The future is in good hands.

Sophie Delacombe, Year 3 Class Teacher

Year 4 Create Poignant Poppies

Prior to their week in school being cut short, Year 4 had been busy sculpting and glazing their beautiful clay poppies for Highfield's Act of Remembrance. Pupils learned to roll, cut and join clay as well as to shape it into their desired effects. Once the clay was dry, pupils glazed their poppies and they were fired for a shiny finish. All the children had considered and reflected in their Art lesson about what poppies represent and were mature and considered in their responses. Sadly, the children were unable to be present for the Act of Remembrance when they would have laid their beautiful poppies on the Chapel Field but these poppies will be symbol of remembrance that the children can keep for many years.

Olga Houghton, Head of Art

Year 5 Visit Mobile Library

The mobile library visited Year 5 this week packed full with a large selection of books, including plenty of books about War and Remembrance. With the help of a large garden trolley to transport books around the school, our mobile library enables each year group to have access to a good selection of books from the library. Books are delivered to each year group for three days once a fortnight, allowing plenty of time for visits and suitable quarantine time for books. Each trolley holds a selection of classics, popular authors, new authors and topical non-fiction books. There are also sections for different reading abilities. Children and teachers can also email the librarian with any book requests or reading ideas.

Fiona Whitfield, Librarian

Year 6 'Ode to Joy'

Learning to play a certain piece of music can often become more poignant when discovering its history as Year 6 found out this week. The children learnt that the idea of a Council of Europe was first suggested by Winston Churchill during World War II in 1943 to re-build and maintain peace in a shattered Europe. A musical anthem for the Council was adopted in 1972 and is based on Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy'. Beethoven was a natural choice of composer and his song expresses their shared ideals of a united brotherhood through freedom, peace, and solidarity. Year 6 will be coming together to perform their own orchestral version of ‘Ode to Joy’ later in the term so this week they looked at the lyrics and learnt the melody on the chime bars, recorder or violin. 

Mary Hall, Deputy Head of Music

Year 7 Look Back And Forward

The Act of Remembrance is such a highlight of the Autumn Term. It is a time when the whole school comes together to remember the sacrifices of so many, including a number of former Highfield pupils. The school tradition of all pupils in school lining the boundary of the 1st XI Cricket Pitch continued, as Mr Evitt read out the names of Old Highfieldians whose lives were taken in the World Wars. Throughout, Year 7 and the entire Highfield community witnessed the Act in stillness and observed the two minutes silence perfectly. The piercing sound of the “Last Post” played magnificently by Harry Jowett on the trumpet brought the event to a close and signalled the return to the ‘normal’ school day. Such whole school events have become very rare this year. I have been delighted with the efforts of Year 7 to be vigilant and to adhere to the various social distancing necessities of current times. They must also be praised for how they have adapted to the latest requirement of wearing face coverings; another reminder of just how resilient they are as a community. The Act of Remembrance is an important part of our academic year, and a time to look back and reflect on the past. This year, it also allowed us to look forward towards the future and to a time when the school can congregate together as one again, a time when we are able to enjoy the simple pleasures of school life together, such as listening to the Chapel Choir perform.

James Figgis, Head of Year 7

Year 8 Lead Remembrance Service

Although this year's Act of Remembrance was a different event to usual it was by no means less significant. Year 8 led the service in the Chapel and it was live-streamed to the rest of the school thanks to the wonders of modern technology. Thank you to Patrick Davies for masterminding this so professionally. The service allowed a time to pause, reflect and think about the meaning of Remembrance and to consider the world we live in. Year 8 delivered a mixture of readings, prayers and poems. All the children spoke extremely well and a big thank you and well done to them. Current restrictions prevent us from singing hymns, but the senior members of Chapel Choir performed an arrangement of 'Amazing Grace' superbly.  It was wonderful to hear a Highfield Choir again and to hear them signing so beautifully.

Simon Mason, Head of Year 8

Highfield House Points 

Good Marks (Years 4, 5 & 6)

Sabina Tracey 55 • George Elmore 50 • Lloyd Allen 41 • Jack Heaver 20 • Oliver Glasgow 17 • Wilfred Walters 17

Waterloo 27.6 • Trafalgar 27.3 • Agincourt 26.1

Plus Marks (Year 4, 5 & 6)

Rory Lett 111 • Jemima Goldsmith 84 • Ella Griffiths 75 • Amelie Tyrell-Evans 51 • Amelie Kingsbury 46 • Jamie Borwick 43  • Emily Pearce 43

Trafalgar 73.1 • Waterloo 70.7 • Agincourt 67

Merit Marks (Years 7 and 8)

Oliver Hendricks 80 • Fergus Turvill 71 • Isabella Hendricks 67

Agincourt 23.1 • Waterloo 20.3 • Trafalgar 19.8

Brookham House Points 

Ash 423 • Oak 394 • Willow 329

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