We Are All Unique

We Are All Unique
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Nursery Get Cooking

One of the wonderful things about teaching in Nursery, is the wide variety of ways in which we can engage the children and develop their understanding in any particular area of the curriculum. This week, our Maths focus was comparing weights of objects and developing the children’s mathematical skills using balancing scales. The children enjoyed comparing objects, guessing which was heavier, counting equal numbers of cubes and checking if the scales balanced. Once they had become familiar with using the balance scales, they used them in a simple cake recipe where all the ingredients are measured in this way. Cooking is always a popular activity in Nursery and cake making provided an effective way of developing mathematical understanding. We also marked Diwali, the Hindu Festival of Lights and discussed some of the ways it is celebrated around the world. One of the activities available was learning how to make chapatis, which the children were able to sample. They made beautiful, traditional Rangoli patterns out of rice, playdough, buttons and natural materials. Through these activities, the children not only developed their knowledge and understanding of the world around them, but it also provided a way of  strengthening their fine motor skills, through the mixing of the chapatti dough and the manipulation of the rice and buttons for their designs.

Sam Forster, Head of Early Years

Reception Celebrate Diwali

This week, the children talked about and took part in some of the traditions which take place during the Diwali Festival of Lights. Resilience, concentration, and perseverance were just some of the learning skills which were displayed by many when trying to create their own Rangoli patterns. The children used their cutting skills to make paper lanterns to hang within the shared area and enjoyed showing their creativity and individuality when using clay and sequins to create a Diya in which to place a tealight. The children drew on their Maths measuring knowledge and collaboration skills as they weighed out flour, water and oil to make chapatis and used their fine motor skills as they kneaded and rolled the chapati dough. As a finale to the day, once cooked, the chapatis were enjoyed during an afternoon autumnal walk and they were so tasty that there were many requests to make them again!

Georgie Hunter, Reception Teacher

Year 1 Melt Away 

There was great excitement in Science with an ice rescue activity where the children explored how water can change its shape. By investigating how to release hidden materials frozen in blocks of ice, the children were encouraged to ask questions and observe carefully how ice melts. The children had the opportunity to further their understanding of the concept of melting up at Forest School, where they predicted what would happen to certain materials when heated. Drawing on their knowledge of material properties, they thought about the changes that might occur and how different temperatures melt different things. With the fire stoked up, it seemed too good an opportunity to miss not to do some whittling and enjoy some tasty toasted marshmallows; it is, of course, important to use as many senses as possible when exploring scientifically!

Henrietta Platt, Year 1 Teacher

Year 2 Set Up Shop

It's all about money, money, money in Year 2 this week. Through a mixture of individual activities, partner work and group challenges the children have been learning to recognise different coins and notes and know their value, state the total value of a set of notes and coins, and show different ways of making up a value. Playing shops with classroom objects was the highlight of the week. The children were able to use the persuasive techniques taught in literacy to encourage shoppers to their stall. The classrooms did sound a little like Billingsgate Market on a busy morning, but there was plenty of learning going on!

Kerri Wilkes, Year 2 Teacher

Year 3 Awarded Blue Peter Badges

Towards the end of Summer Term, Year 2 were learning about descriptive writing in Literacy with a particular focus on writing poems. The children had worked so hard and produced such impressive work, that I decided to send their poems to Blue Peter. So much time has passed and with the children now moved up into Year 3, we had pushed it to the back of our minds. However a large envelope arrived last week addressed to the children and much to our complete surprise and total joy, the envelope contained a much-coveted Blue Peter badge for each child in recognition of their hard work and effort. The children have been wearing their badges with pride ever since.

Leana Staring, Year 3 Learning Assistant

Year 4 Consider Friendship

This week is Anti-Bullying week, and the whole school began the week by celebrating uniqueness by wearing odd socks. Although Year 4 are currently at home, they embraced this challenged wholeheartedly and we loved receiving photos of them dressing up in a whole array of different odd socks. Having watched Mrs Kingsbury's assembly, we discussed what bullying is and ways in which we can come together in order to fight against it. We talked about the importance of being a good friend and what the qualities a good friend would need. The children used these discussions to create their own posters, highlighting these qualities. We were blown away by the effort and care that went into these posters. 

Charlie Peerless, Year 4 Teacher

Year 5's Cushion Concert

Year 5 had the opportunity to perform at a recent Cushion Concert. Usually there would be an appreciative and encouraging audience, but the children were not perturbed and still jumped at the chance to perform. They put on a wonderful concert with performances on Piano, Recorder and Voice. Our Cushion Concerts are a wonderful opportunity for children to perform in a relaxed and informal setting and this helps to build their confidence and enables them to prepare for more formal performances in the future.

John Mühlemann, Director of Music

Year 6 Pledge To Be Kind

Year 6 have been focusing on Anti-Bullying week and looking at what makes us all unique and different. Children and staff fully embraced the concept of Odd Socks Day and reflected on the important message behind it. We discussed the fact that everyone is unique and that individuality should be praised and applauded. There were some fabulous efforts and it helped to raise awareness about the impact of bullying on young people. I hope all odd socks have now found their other halves on their return home! Our Form Times have been used to give Year 6 the confidence to know what they can do should they ever experience bullying. We watched celebrities such as Joe Sugg and Stacey Dooley talk about their experiences of being bullied at school and how they found the confidence to speak up and make it stop. The key message that each of the Forms took away was that the problem always lies with the bully not the person being bullied, and that talking about it to someone you trust will always help. We discussed our collective responsibility to stand up for others within our school community and we have pledged not to be bystanders. Indeed, many of the activities this week have been about embracing life as a community even in a socially distanced manner and about helping the children interact with different friendship groups within their peer group, to help encourage even greater support, tolerance and understanding of one another. The children were given a tick list of ideas of Random Acts of Kindness that they could demonstrate towards each other. They were also encouraged to seek out someone they would not normally play or interact with and to engage positively and really think about what kindness looks like. The week ended with Year 6 producing some fantastic presentations about the impact of bullying and how those affected can make it stop. This week is just the start and we will of course continue to encourage the children to be kind, tolerant, and reflective and to speak up for themselves or for others if they see unkindness or bullying.

Jane Hamilton, Head of Year 6

Year 7 Start Of Rugby Season

This week marked the start of Rugby season. This season will fall in line with the Grade D RFU guidelines which consists of touch rugby, lots of skill based work and 15 minutes of contact training in groups of 6 or less. As you can imagine the boys have been itching to play and as other schools have started, this felt like the right time. We hope to be straight into Rugby fixtures next term so we need to be ready! To keep things fresh, the boys will have a weekly Netball masterclass with our expert Netball Coach Natalie McIntosh. Netball is a great way of developing ball handling skills and movement, and using netball to develop these skills is something that we have always talked about doing. Year 7 were due to have their first masterclass on Friday afternoon which unfortunately was scuppered by the need to isolate, however we can’t wait to welcome the boys to the netball courts on their return.

Dan Bather, Director of Sport

Year 8 Make House Guys

The House Guy Competition is a much-anticipated activity and although it had to take place slightly differently this year, the results were no less spectacular. This year the competition had to be restricted to Year 8 only and the children were given the theme of ‘Disney Characters’. Year 8 worked together in teams to design and construct their Guy. Agincourt's Guy was completed first, and it was really well made, setting the standard very high indeed. Waterloo's and Trafalgar's followed and both these Guys really captured the spirit of the competition. Well done to all the children for making such fantastic Guys and showing true commitment and dedication to your House. Our Judging Team of   Henrietta Backhouse and Amanda Mace was presented with a very difficult job indeed, but the winner was…Agincourt!

Simon Mason, Head of Year 8

Highfield House Points 

Good Marks (Years 4, 5 & 6)

Sabina Tracey 55 • George Elmore 50 • Lloyd Allen 41 • Jack Heaver 20 • Oliver Glasgow 17 • Wilfred Walters 17

Waterloo 27.6 • Trafalgar 27.3 • Agincourt 26.1

Plus Marks (Year 4, 5 & 6)

Rory Lett 111 • Jemima Goldsmith 84 • Ella Griffiths 75 • Amelie Tyrell-Evans 51 • Amelie Kingsbury 46 • Jamie Borwick 43  • Emily Pearce 43

Trafalgar 74.7 • Waterloo 72.7 • Agincourt 67.9

Merit Marks (Years 7 and 8)

Oliver Hendricks 91 • Fergus Turvill 87 • Isabella Hendricks 67

Agincourt 26 • Trafalgar 23.9 • Waterloo 23


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