Joyous Memories

Joyous Memories
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Last Minute Christmas Shopping

If you still have some Christmas shopping to complete then don't forget that you can raise money for Highfield School Centenary Bursaries Fund via easyfundraising and Amazon Smile at no extra cost to you! 

Nursery Prepare for Christmas

There has been much excitement in Nursery this week as we have started our Christmas preparations. The children arrived on Monday to see the Christmas tree already up and they have spent time this week developing their creativity, by making beautiful and unique decorations for it. We have been exploring the theme of winter and snow, painting snowmen, playing with white snow gloop and making snowflakes from folded paper. Our own crib and baby in a manger, along with some nativity dressing up costumes, have provided plenty of opportunities for extending language through role-play and Christmas story telling. This week our cooking activity was making traditional Christmas gingerbread men, with the children opting to take them home, rather than hang them on the tree.

Sam Forster, Head of Early Years

Reception Shine Brightly 

The Reception children simply shone during their performance of 'Shine Star Shine', a story about the biggest star in the sky who just could not shine. With the encouragement of all of the other stars he managed to find his sparkle and lead the Kings to Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus. The absence of a live audience did not deter the children, in fact it encouraged them to speak even louder and more clearly so that their virtual visitors could hear their well-rehearsed lines and enthusiastic singing. What a fabulous start to the festive season at Brookham, our Reception class is clearly filled with many shining stars. 

Georgie Hunter, Head of Reception and Year 1

Year 1 Shape Up

Year 1 have immersed themselves in shape this week. From creating complex repeating patterns to identifying shapes within a picture, the children used their observational skills to find real life 2D and 3D shapes in the world around them. Using the analogy that an individual has the same name, regardless of whether they are lying on their side or upside down, the children began to realise that shapes stay the same regardless of their size or orientation. Year 1 began to think about the properties of a range of shapes using mathematical terminology and considered how they could sort them in different ways. They were intrigued to discover the fact below and were keen to share it with you all. 

Did you know that a square is just a special type of rectangle? The only difference is that all 4 sides are the same length! 

Mrs Olivia Shepherd, Year 1 Class Teacher

Year 2 Collaborate

Creativity and collaboration have been the themes running through Year 2 this week. Whether it has been in art, science or PE lessons the children have worked with partners to achieve great things. Over the past few weeks, the children have been working hard in PE to plan, practise and perform sequences using a variety of controlled balances and rolls. This week with the help of a partner to prompt and peer assess, they polished these sequences ready for a performance next week. A trip to the woods to pick up some small sticks was the beginning of a fantastically collaborative piece of Christmas artwork. This was a very fiddly and challenging task and really tested the children's fine motor skills, but the support and encouragement from a partner definitely helped.  

Kerri Wilkes, Year 2 Teacher

Year 3 Animate

This week’s learning has taken the Year 3 on a digital journey through the exploration of animation. Having been inspired by a range of adverts, favourite characters and Lego constructions, the children dived into the art of stop motion. Having learned about storyboarding and frames-per-second, the children were ready to put their learning to the test. Banks were robbed, cars chased and volcanoes erupted as they developed a diverse set of skills: crafting and building worlds, developing ideas into a storyboard, and even beginning to explore aspects of filming angles and lighting. The children have been building on their self-patience and mindfulness skills too in the very therapeutic and creative craft of stop motion, which brings their favourite ideas to life. Understanding the movements and limitations of each individual figure can be a challenging experience, but they persevered, using trial and improvement to get the best outcome. Bringing their storyboard ideas to life is where the real fun has been, and we suspect that the next Nick Parks or Walt Disney may well have made their directorial debut this week!

Charlie Millsom, Head of Year 3

Year 4 Write Creatively

This term, our WWII topic, as part of the Creative Curriculum, has given us wonderful opportunities in English to look at a variety of creative writing skills. These range from: writing an informal letter as a WWII evacuee, a descriptive piece based on an ‘Air Raid’, a ‘Blitz’ poem, a diary entry around Anne Frank to writing a play script where the children had an opportunity to work with a partner choosing a particular aspect of WWII that they have enjoyed studying. When writing their descriptive pieces and poetry, the children worked on a variety of skills such as personification, onomatopoeia, similes and wow words before putting pencil to paper. Once the draft was complete, they worked on the skill of editing. We definitely have some budding writers amongst Year 4.

Martine Melling, Head of Year 4

Year 5 Learn The Beautiful Game

The girls have enjoyed a wonderful introduction to Football over the past two weeks. They have begun to master the basic skills of passing and dribbling, and have progressed onto learning more advanced skills such as tackling and shooting. Considering these girls have never played Football before, their improvement and skill level is remarkable, and it has been wonderful to see their progression throughout the sessions. Despite this meteoric rise in ability, the best part about coaching the girls has been their eagerness to not only play a new sport, but their willingness to learn it as well. As they are new to the sport, they have all started on a level playing field, which has meant every single girl has had the opportunity to shine, be competitive, and of course, be successful on the pitch. In the coming sessions, the girls will begin to explore match play, learn how to move the ball around the pitch with purpose, as well as starting to understand the basic tactics, formations and shapes that are used by successful football teams. When fixtures start up again, these girls will be more than ready. 

Billy Boxall, Football Coach

Year 6 Girls Relish Rugby

In a first for Highfield, Year 6 Girls have had the opportunity to try Rugby. The girls have developed some basic passing skills as well as gaining an understanding of some of the rules of the game. They progressed quickly onto possession work and gradually added in some defence skills. Passing under pressure always presents a challenge and the girls worked hard to develop quick, effective thinking in this scenario. With their basic skills mastered, the girls moved on to some simple game play and touch Rugby. The girls have really enjoyed learning Rugby and we hope that this introduction will inspire some of them to sign up to our after school Rugby Club next term where they will certainly be able to show the boys what they are made of!

Jo Gordon, Head of Physical Education and Girls Games

Year 7's Show Goes On

Never has the saying 'The Show Must Go On' been more apt and equally, I never quite believed how much bad luck might happen if you actually said the real name of 'The Scottish Play' whilst rehearsing! However, I am so excited to say, that against all odds, 'M_ _ _ _ _ _' will be performed next Wednesday in the depths of Brookham Woods, to rotating audiences of year group 'bubbles', with our final performance in the dark by firelight. Our cast of 32 Year 7 pupils have been rehearsing since the beginning of October and it has been a huge collaborative effort of talent, perseverance, determination and energy from everyone involved. 

Shakespeare's tragedy involves some meaty plot lines and the cast have relished in exploring the path of destruction that the lead character finds himself on. They have approached the text with gumption and have developed an amazing skill of telling the story, not just clearly but enigmatically. Some stand out highlights are from the hugely talented Freddie Fairweather, who plays our lead role. I am so proud of his commitment, attitude and sheer passion for everything to do with his character. His fight scene rehearsal with Harry Jowett this week, literally gave me goosebumps! It also goes without saying, that our three Witches, played by Kitty Black, Henrietta Baillieu and Mariella Costa-Duarte create the most mystical and eerie of presences and are pure magic to watch. I am so grateful that they are finally going to be able to put on their production and I am so proud of every single one of them. 

Sarah Baird, Head of Drama

Year 8 Show Entrepreneurial Spirit

Year 8 have been designing a selection of Christmas themed pencil toppers for their Keys project this term. They started the project by creating a presentation of their ideas which they pitched to the year group. Once the designs were short-listed, the children worked to draw them up on their iPads using CAD 3D software. Working to specific dimensions, they designed and fabricated the pencil toppers. Each one was hand-painted and decorated using a variety of painting skills. The pencil toppers will be sold at Guildford's Christmas Market and all the money raised from their sale will go to Highfield Highreach Holidays.

Jamie Dew, Head of Design and Technology


Highfield House Points 

Good Marks (Years 4, 5 & 6)

George Elmore 63 • Sabina Tracey 59 • Edith Williams 47 • Jack Heaver 26 • Oliver Glasgow 24 • Harry Remers 24 • Wilfrid Walters 24

Trafalgar 36.7 • Waterloo 36.5 • Agincourt 35.3

Plus Marks (Year 4, 5 & 6)

Rory Lett 139 • Ella Griffiths 109 • George Elmore 101 • Edward Kessell 71 • Emily Pearce 66 • Amelie Tyrell-Evans 65

Trafalgar 101.4 • Waterloo 97.1 • Agincourt 91.6

Merit Marks (Years 7 and 8)

Oliver Hendricks 125 • Isabella Hendricks 94 • Sebastian Lett 93

Agincourt 30.4 • Trafalgar 26.7 • Waterloo 26

Brookham House Points 

 Oak 267 • Willow 263 • Ash 257 


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