Christmas Wishes

Christmas Wishes
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Nursery Experience Christmas Magic

The Nursery children have had the most amazing time as the magic of Christmas arrived at Nursery. Making Gingerbread Men and Spiced Christmas Cakes were among many of the activities that the children have enjoyed. Cooking involves so many skills and the children discovered how to weigh and measure using the tipping scales. They used their senses to feel the different textures of the ingredients and smell the wonderful aromas, but best of all was using their taste buds to enjoy the delicious, finished articles! There was certainly plenty of Christmas Magic at Nursery this year. 

Lou Blackaby, Nursery Teacher

Reception Run For Fun

If you had been a fly on the wall at Brookham this week, you would have been lucky enough to spot a fabulous sea of Christmas jumpers, trotting their way through our glorious school grounds as the children, teachers and even dogs, took part in our Christmas Fun Run. The children warmed up in a fun, dynamic fashion, led by ‘Prickle’, our race director and resident Christmas Tree. After a quick race briefing, Prickle blew the whistle to start the run and off the children flew led by elves, reindeer, Santas and other wonderful fancy dress worn by their teachers, following the Christmassy markers that were set around the course to lead the runners in the right direction. The children ran with great enthusiasm, determination and Christmas cheer, even making the effort to finish the run together as a year group. A reward of hot chocolate and cookies was awaiting the children on return to school – as well as fabulous bespoke key rings for all of the children, made by our very own Mrs Martin and Mr Dew, Head of DT. I think it’s safe to say that we all earned our Christmas lunch!

Jessica Oecken, Head of Sport

Year 1 Sparkle In Song

Year 1 were disco stars this week when they performed their Christmas songs on a live stream to parents. Unable to undertake their customary collaborative Christmas performance with Year 2, the children found their sparkle to retell part of the Christmas story through song. The children showed off their dancing skills with a choreographed ballet dance, as well as some freestyle boogie, which couldn’t help but put a smile on faces. Performing in front of the camera, instead of a live audience, was a new experience and the children enjoyed watching it back in the classroom where they were able to reflect on their production. Year 1 proved themselves to be true stars, singing and dancing with equal zest and vigour. A fantastic performance, well done Year 1. 

Henrietta Platt, Year One Teacher

Year 2 Camera, Lights, Action

Year 2 have been super excited this week whilst preparing for their Christmas Nativity play Camera, Lights, Action. Designed to resemble the TV show Strictly Come Dancing, the children have thoroughly enjoyed the songs, the humour and the funky disco moves. Even as the children have been working hard to learn the songs and their lines, the teachers have enjoyed witnessing the spirit of collaboration and team work. Little things, like helping each other in and out of costumes and supporting each other to say tricky lines, have ensured that our rehearsals have always been fun. There are so many strands of learning that come together in putting on a performance, speaking, listening, and participating to name but a few. Of course, when the day of the performance came around, there were quite a few nerves and a fair amount of trepidation about the camera, all of which disappeared as the performance got underway. The joy of singing, dancing and celebrating, as the traditional nativity story unfolded, shone through the performance and resonated in the children’s voices. This year’s performance was a tremendous success, leaving only the perennial question - how will we top this next year?

Stephanie Turner, Year 2 Class Teacher

Year 3 Christingle

Every Christmas at Brookham, a rite of passage is observed by the Year 3 children as they graduate from nativity plays to the Christingle.  This year, inevitably, was a little different to the Christingle services held in previous years.  Held in the Brookham Hall and live streamed to parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles in the UK and abroad, the quality and confidence of every performer impressed us all. There were splendid solos, sweetly sung carols from around the world, with excellent accompaniment by Mrs Hall and the Drumming Club. The Christingles were safely lit and thankfully Brookham is still standing! While every child shone and performed to their utmost, special recognition must be given to Bella, who had written one of the carols. Well done to one and all, and many thanks to everyone who joined in at home.

Sophie Delacombe, Year 3 Class Teacher

Year 4 Enjoy A Christmas Feast

To round off a wonderful morning in Chapel recording our delightful Carol Service, Year 4 enjoyed a Christmas feast accompanied by all the trimmings. The tables were dressed beautifully with crackers and colourful table cloths. Party hats donned, jokes were told and lots of laughter was heard. This celebration was summed up by one Year 4 as, ’The best Christmas feast ever!’

Martine Melling, Head of Year 4

Year 5 Has Talent

Year 5 children took to the stage to perform a host of their talents, in what I expected to be a relaxed affair. I was quite wrong. From the arrival of costumes, keyboards and DJ decks, it was clear that the children were taking this very seriously indeed. There were comedy sketches, singing, dancing, some awful jokes, a monologue and a superstar DJ. What was simply wonderful to witness, was that every act received some votes, however, it was clear from the moment that he dropped his first baseline that DJ Rocco was to be our winner! What a talented bunch.

Vivienne Liddell, Head of Year 5

Year 6 Party

Year 6 ended a great term with a range of Christmas activities throughout the last week, including a wonderful Christmas lunch, a Christmas film and quiz and not forgetting recording our part of the carol service. On Wednesday, we were treated to a trip to the woods to see the amazing Year 7 play and despite some initial reservations from some about watching Shakespeare, everyone agreed it was one of the best performances we have seen. The children loved the drama and mystery of Macbeth and were gripped throughout. The afternoon culminated with the Year 6 Christmas party organised by the children themselves. We got the party started with a huge year group pass the parcel and it was fantastic to see all the children getting fully involved and cheering each other on. We were then treated to a mini DJ set from George and Monty and ran a series of dancing competitions with prizes awarded to the most stylish dancer, the best group etc. It was wonderful that the children all encouraged each other, and the children looked amazing in their festive Christmas jumpers and hats. I could not be more proud of the way in which the children have conducted themselves this term, at one point being the only year group in; they really have embraced being back at school and risen to the challenge of a step up to Year 6. My thanks go to Monty Leach, George Barraclough, Oscar Bloxam, George Spooner, Tom Hall, Elliot Burke and William Webster for organising such a great event. 

Jane Hamilton, Head of Year 6 


Year 7 Carol Concert

Year 7 could perhaps have been forgiven if they had come to their carol service a little performance weary after a very busy week of final rehearsals and performances of their fantastic production of Macbeth. However, this could not be further from the truth as they worked just as hard to prepare for their Christmas service. The Year 7 carol, Good King Wenceslas is one of the classics and enormous fun to sing as the boys get to be the King and the girls the Page. Year 7 gave a wonderful performance and a general feeling of good cheer pervaded the chapel as they sang.  

John Mühlemann, Director of Music

Year 8 Don Festive Jumpers

Today millions of people across the country will be wearing their silliest Christmas jumpers for Save The Children. Just because the children aren’t in school today didn’t stop Year 8 jumping at the chance to get into the festive spirit this week. On Wednesday, there was with a fine selection of festive knitwear on show, some stylish, some crazy, some delightful but they all were worn in both festive celebration and to remember those children that are less fortunate. Every £1 that was donated will help children build a better future.

Simon Mason, Head of Year 8

Highfield House Points 

Good Marks (Years 4, 5 & 6)

George Elmore 65 • Sabina Tracey 65 • Edith Williams 52 • Jack Heaver 30 • Rupert Byam-Cook 27 • Oliver Glasgow 27 • Harry Remers 27  • Milly Valentine 27 • Wilfrid Walters 27

Trafalgar 40.7 • Waterloo 40.3 • Agincourt 39.7

Plus Marks (Year 4, 5 & 6)

Rory Lett 172 • Ella Griffiths 122 • Jemima Goldsmith 121 • Edward Kessell 87 • Emily Pearce 86 • Amelie Kingsbury 83

Trafalgar 118.4 • Waterloo 113.7 • Agincourt 107.9

Merit Marks (Years 7 and 8)

Oliver Hendricks 131 • Fergus Turvill 114 • Isabella Hendricks 106 

Agincourt 32.4 • Trafalgar 28.5 • Waterloo 27.9

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