Year 4 Buy Royal Surrey ICU Nurses A Cup Of Tea

Year 4 Buy Royal Surrey ICU Nurses A Cup Of Tea
Highfield & Brookham Our Community

Our Year 4 children have been fundraising for a brilliant local fundraiser. They spent last weekend raising money to provide tea, coffee and treats for the ICU staff at the Royal Surrey County Hospital. Their way of saying a big thank you.

Sarah Hollingworth, a former teacher at Highfield and Brookham Schools started the fundraiser. A friend of hers is a Staff Matron in the ICU at Royal Surrey and told her the ICU is so full that they currently have over 60 staff in the hospital per shift. As in all public sector organisations they don't get any free tea or coffee and supplying their own is tough at the moment when every shift is a full on 12 hours with little time to go and get a drink.

Sarah Hollingworth said:

We can help in a small way by sending tea and coffee supplies to our frontline. A big thank you to our carers!

When our parents and children heard about the initiative they jumped at the chance at getting involved. So, last weekend the children baked brownies, sold homemade honey and raided their piggy banks. Ted raised £28.50 jet-washing, Amelie raised £26.50 selling eggs, Freddie raised £30 selling homemade brownies and Izzy raised over £150 selling toys to neighbours. Collectively they raised an impressive £570. This has been added to the total fundraising which currently stands at £2,479.

Phillip Evitt, Headmaster at Highfield School:

It is a joy to see our children so animated by the mission of giving back to the community. It is our job as teachers to lead by example in faith that the children we educate will do the same. At times like these though it is our children leading the way and it makes me extremely proud to witness.

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