Record Performance In LAMDA Exams

Record Performance In LAMDA Exams
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Our talented pupils have put on a record-breaking performance in their LAMDA exams.

Despite the frustrations and upheaval caused by the coronavirus pandemic, our proud young performers at Highfield and Brookham Schools picked up an extraordinary 57 Distinctions, 13 Merits and one Pass in the prestigious annual exams run by the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA).

The outstanding achievement continues a rich vein of theatrical form which has seen us become ever more renowned for our dramatic provision, in addition to our already lofty reputation for top academic and sporting prowess.

The 71 honours earned this year follows 45 distinctions and merits a year ago – also up on the previous year – to underscore the consistent quality of our drama teaching, with three more Year 8 pupils earning drama scholarships at senior schools in September.

Highfield School Headmaster Phillip Evitt was full of praise for pupils and teachers alike, saying:

Considering the year we have all just had, I am absolutely in awe of how they have achieved so much in so little in-school time. It’s truly a testament to their hard work and also their teachers’ commitment

Taught by Sarah Baird, Susannah Wilson, Sarah Dungworth, Emma Dalton and Sammy Swanborough, the pupils made light work of a disrupted year, with Imogen Smith, Coco Bendon, Genny Hogg, Alexandra Gamblin and Alice Copson hitting the heights with 96 out of a possible 100 marks.

While many schools undertake one whole-school production each year, at Highfield and Brookham Schools we proudly stage a show for every year group each year, from Nursery right up to Year 8, giving even the youngest children a real taste of drama. And such is the popularity of being on the stage that almost 100 children now take LAMDA as an extra subject.

Mr Evitt added: “I am so proud of every single child, but I must also thank every LAMDA teacher for the fantastic job they do – building confidence, self-esteem and enhancing communication skills are at the forefront of any child’s personal development.”

One of the big dramatic highlights of the year, following the return to school after the enforced absence caused by Covid, was the Year 8 LAMDA Swansong, with pupils taking to the stage in pairs or solo to perform a series of wonderfully diverse, powerful, funny and moving pieces, while a stunning adaptation of hit musical Hairspray brought down the curtain on the Year 8s’ time at Highfield.

LAMDA award winners:

Entry Level Award in Performance (Entry 3) Acting Entry Level - Duo

George Barraclough (Distinction)

Felix Cunningham (Distinction)

Jamie Wakeley (Merit)

Harry Medcalf (Distinction)

Ryder Larby (Merit)

Monty Leach (Merit)

Olive Gold (Distinction)

Freya Rickards (Distinction)


Group Graded Examination Group Acting Entry

Coco Bendon (Distinction)

Genevieve Hogg (Distinction)

Alexandra Gamblin (Distinction)

Alice Copson (Distinction)

Year 5 Group (Distinction)

Year 5 Boys group (Distinction)

Gabriel Church (Distinction)

Albert Black (Distinction)

Theo Kauntze (Distinction)


Level 1 Award in Performance (Grade 1) Acting Grade 1 - Solo

Romilly O’Donnell (Distinction)

Oscar Bloxam (Distinction)

Mariella Lacey-Gutsell (Distinction)

Breanna Kayondo (Distinction)

Cindy Zhou (Distinction)

Sophie Moore (Distinction)

Roxy Rogers (Distinction)

Felicity Ruda (Distinction)


Level 1 Award in Performance (Grade 1) Acting Grade 1 - Combined

Imogen Knight (Distinction)

Isla Mackenzie-Beevor (Distinction)

Lydia Warr (Distinction)

Isabella Baker (Distinction)

Jasper Merrick (Distinction)

Brodie Colgate (Distinction)

Isabel Salusbury (Distinction)

Tallulah Bateman (Distinction)

Elliot Burke (Distinction)

George Spooner (Merit)


Group Graded Examination Group Acting Grade 4

Mariella Costa-Duarte (Distinction)

Matilda Kauntze (Distinction)

Eleanor Fisher (Distinction)

Year 7 Group (Distinction)


Level 1 Award in Performance (Grade 3) Acting Grade 3 - Combined

Swithun Prescot (Distinction)

Harry Jowett (Distinction)

Edith Williams (Distinction)

Emilia Dumas (Distinction)

Dee Dee Sinclair (Distinction)

Poppy Ouvaroff (Distinction)


Level 1 Award in Performance (Grade 3) Acting Grade 3 - Duo

Luke Goodburn (Merit)

Hugo Parsons (Pass)

Stewart O’Neill (Merit)

Archie Leach (Merit)


Level 3 Certificate in Performance (Grade 6) Acting Grade 6 - Solo - Bronze Medal

Freya Fiennes (Merit)

Imogen Smith (Distinction)

Annabel Corbett (Distinction)

Evie Greenslade (Merit)


Level 2 Award in Performance (Grade 5) Acting Grade 5 - Combined

Sonny Warr (Distinction)

Santiago Peach (Merit)


Level 2 Award in Performance (Grade 4) Acting Grade 4 - Combined

Henrietta Baillieu (Distinction)

Alex Buchan (Merit)

Oscar Lawson (Distinction)

Johnny Costa Duarte (Distinction)

Lucy Salusbury (Distinction)

Sonia Yaroslavska (Distinction)


Level 2 Award in Performance (Grade 4) Acting Grade 4 - Duo

Daisy Green (Distinction)

Kitty Black (Distinction)


Level 2 Award in Performance (Grade 4) Acting Grade 4 - Solo

Arthur Montagu (Distinction)

Selina Hunter (Distinction)

Jasper Marshall-Lee (Distinction)

William Herring (Merit)

Tom Sinclair (Distinction)

Gilbert Hardwick (Distinction)


Level 1 Award in Shakespeare Level 1 - Solo

George Elmore (Merit)


Level 1 Award in Performance (Grade 3) Acting Grade 3 - Solo

Charlotte Amis (Distinction)

Zion Mutopo (Merit)

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