School Reverberates With A Happy Hum

School Reverberates With A Happy Hum
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Nursery Welcome Very Special Visitors

This week the glorious weather has enabled so much of our learning to take place outside. On Tuesday the children were buzzing with excitement as they spent the morning baking gingerbread men, making bunting, cutting out paper teddy bears as they prepared for some special visitors to arrive for a picnic… their favourite teddies! Parents were also invited to the picnic and joined in the excitement with various parachute games and a delicious tea. The children have also made the most of exploring the beautiful grounds by taking several trips to our wonderful Forest School. They eagerly hunted for sticks and were taught how to carefully whittle away the end to form a point to place a marshmallow on. The highlight was to toast the marshmallow and then of course eat it. The best part of the week for the nursery staff has been the constant sound of laughter and play that can be heard from our nursery gardens. 

Rosie Snagge, Nursery Teacher

Many Small Reception Hands Make Light Work

It never ceases to impress or amaze me how so many pairs of small hands can work so beautifully together. Reception have wholeheartedly embraced their relating learning, and this week it has been a real pleasure to see them turn the collaboration key and unlock their obvious potential. We have all embraced opportunities in both the shared area and at Forest School to explore and create our very own masterpieces. Together, we have constructed dens, built mammoth roads and established shelters. Ideas were muttered and shared with one another, tried and tested, improved and refined. Once we were content with our work, we could all enjoy the results of our labours; cars could race around the track and play was a joy to behold. All week long the sun has shone down on smiling faces and happy feet have busily carried the children on their latest adventure as they journey through their early days of the new school term. True resilience has been demonstrated and the wonderful strains of laughter have regularly been carried on the wind as signs of friendship blossom. 

Rebecca Lane, Reception Teacher

Year 1 Sun, Science, Spellings and Superheroes

Year 1 have had a super week in the glorious weather and at every opportunity we have taken our learning outside to make the most of our beautiful surroundings. We started the week by practising our spellings in chalk on the playground. The children became absorbed in their writing and have been keen to refer to the spellings throughout the week. We have been thinking like Scientists and Superheroes. During our Science we have been learning about everyday materials. We identified and named a variety of materials and then decided to investigate which objects in the playground were made of those materials. The children were keen to share their findings and delighted in explaining why the climbing frame is made of wood and not jelly! Traction Man joined us again in Forest School. The children were challenged by Traction Man to collaborate and create a Superhero Hideaway in the woods. The Hideaway had lifts, battlements, fire pits and of course 'comfy' sofas. The children excitedly explained how Traction Man would defeat his forest enemies and what adventures he would have. We look forward to using these ideas in our writing later on this term.

Kathleen Salusbury, Year 1 Teacher

Year 2 Consider Responsibilities

The importance of distinguishing right from wrong plays a key part in children’s personal development. Consequently, the start to a new year brings about much discussion as to how to ensure our time in school is a fair and happy place to be. Across the curriculum, Year 2 thought about their rights and responsibilities in different areas of the school, whether it be up at Forest School, in the music or art room, on the sports field or in the classroom. After revisiting the class rules, which they had initiated, the children discussed what it meant to be responsible and how it made them feel when they made the right choices. The children impressed us with their initial understanding of how to look after and help others, in order to stretch their relating learning muscle. Furthermore, they are starting to become more resourceful by making links in their attitudes and learning behaviours across the school, which will empower them to become both better learners and friends. It is wonderful to see the blossoming of friendships, old and new, both inside the classroom and out.  

Henrietta Platt, Year 2 Teacher

Year 3 Are Captivated by Explorer

Year 3 were overjoyed to welcome Nick Carter to talk to them about his climb up Mount Everest and the encounters he faced in such a life-threatening environment. The children listened, captivated, as Nick defined his expedition to Base Camp, providing toe-curling gruesome details of frostbite, accidents and courageous rescues, watching headcam footage of the final ascent with wide eyes. The children were then invited to ask questions, and their teachers were overwhelmed with the thoughtful questions they posed. The children have decided that they may not yet be ready to climb Mount Everest themselves, but came away from the talk buzzing with excitement about the adventures in general and looking forward to learning about other famous adventurers in the weeks ahead.  

Charlie Millsom, Head of Year 3

Year 4 Understand Place Value

In their Maths lessons this half term, Year 4 are focused on place value. This week, after they had learnt to partition 4 and 5 digit numbers, the children moved on to rounding to the nearest 10. The children enjoyed learning the rhyme 'high five - four on the floor' to help them remember the rules of rounding. Using a variety of resources, including working together to play an interactive rounding game, the children practised rounding numbers to cement their learning as well as completing a variety of tasks in their books. I was so impressed with the children's approach to their learning as they showed their resilience when finding it difficult.

Louise Doven, Year 4 Teacher

Drawing BFG No Tall Order For Arty Year 5 

Year 5 pupils are reading The BFG by Roald Dahl in Literacy this term and this offers some wonderful opportunities for cross-curricular learning. In Art, we are focusing on Quentin Blake's fabulous illustrations of the BFG and this enabled pupils to learn about figure proportion. The children discovered how we regular humans are 6-8 heads tall but the BFG is 4x as tall as the tallest human we could think of! That is VERY tall indeed. Pupils recorded words or phrases as I read out Sophie's description of the BFG such as 'enormous ears' and 'a long, pointy nose as sharp as a razor' in order to draw their very own version of BFG in keeping with Quentin Blake's style. The children are excited for the next steps as they start to create a book cover poster of The BFG in watercolour. Well done Year 5 for all your hard work this week.

Olga Houghton, Head of Art

Year 6 Face Tough Opposition On The Astro  

It was an absolute delight to be involved in both mine and the girls’ first competitive Hockey fixture on our very own Astro this week. And what a setting it is! Surrounded by evergreen trees, wildflowers, birdsong and a lovely old Oak tree near to the newly emerging wood clad pavilion, it really is the most glorious setting and probably the best on the circuit. Our first fixture was against Cranleigh and we knew the game would be a tough one, it always is, and proved to be again. Cranleigh outclassed us, with both skill and strength and the match went their way three goals to nil. Having said this, our girls fought well and chances at goal were created, but the Cranleigh keeper was very strong and saved Genny’s excellent attempts at goal. Lydia spectacularly saved two of Cranleigh’s skilful efforts at goal and she rightfully received a good round of applause from all the spectators as well as praise from the opposition coach, who was no less than Cranleigh’s Director of Sport. Match tea was much anticipated by the opposition, and I overheard ‘The match teas are always good here!’ How right she was. A tough afternoon of Hockey for the U11A, softened by a delicious tea, and with much to look forward for the rest of the season. 

Jo Gordon, U11A Girls' Hockey Coach

Year 7 See Clearly

This term, Year 7 are covering the module 'The Structure and Function of Living Things', with their first topic learning about Cells and Organelles. Within this module, the children learn about the differences and similarities between animal and plant cells, alongside a variety of other specialised cells. This week, the children have been making use of the microscopes to view their own cheek cells. After viewing the cells through the microscope, the children drew the cells, showing their understanding of the importance of accuracy and detail in their drawings and applied their understanding of how cells work, along with their relative organelles by labelling them correctly. 

Ollie Hamilton, Head of Science

Year 8 Find A Stitch In Time Saves Nine

In DT Year 8s are working on a project on the theme of Typography and Sewing as they begin to design their pillows. The children will create a computer aided design typography stencil which they laser cut and use to ink their design onto fabric. The pillows will be hand sewn, teaching the children this valuable life skill as they tackle using the needle and thread competently and learning a variety of stitches. In preparation for this part of the project, the children have been practising their sewing techniques this week, perfecting the running stitch by sewing around a design on paper. The children will decorate their pillows using both a running stitch and cross stitch, and will sew the outer edges of the pillow together using a blanket stitch. The project also sees the children explore how and why letters are designed the way they are and look at how they can be interpreted. 

Jamie Dew, Head of DT

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