Remembrance At The Heart Of School Week

Remembrance At The Heart Of School Week
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Spirit Of Remembrance Embraced By Nursery

The Nursery children this week turned their attentions to Remembrance Day. Lively discussions considered the importance and significance of this time of year before the eager youngsters tried their hand at making poppy seed and honey cookies, showing great dexterity to expertly weigh out all the ingredients and mix and knead the dough. Away from the kitchen, the children used a clever mix of paint and apples to produce wonderful poppy designs on cellophane which now proudly adorn the Nursery classroom windows for everyone to admire. Continuing the remembrance theme, the children independently picked the resources necessary to make their own interpretations of poppies, and the amazing result were bright and imaginative creations. After all their hard work in the classroom, the children couldn't wait to get outside and let off steam. A walk in the autumn sunshine offered many learning opportunities as the children skipped and jumped to catch falling leaves. They could also be heard singing happily together as they explored more of our beautiful grounds. They loved the new songs they learnt this week, their particular favourite being Five Currant Buns, which led to a spontaneous round of cooking and tasting. It has certainly been an incredibly exciting and active week for our Nursery children.

Rosie Snagge, Nursery Class Teacher

Reception Grandparents Proudly Help Produce Poppies

After an introduction to Remembrance Day, the Reception children thought about the importance of one of Britain's key values - respect. Inquisitive minds asked insightful questions about why poppies are used to celebrate and remember those who fought in wartime. Lively discussions followed about what life might have been like during the war and some of the emotions that soldiers may have felt. This interest continued during child-initiated learning time when many children chose to use a range of media and techniques, such as paint, collage and drawing, when creating wonderful and colourful poppy pictures. All the children also had the chance to plant a poppy seed outside the classroom, prompting intriguing discussions about what the seed will need to grow and flourish. On Remembrance Day, visiting grandparents were proud and delighted to watch their grandchildren enthusiastically perform The Bear Hunt, complete with all the fun actions, before helping the eager youngsters roll clay, glue paper and paint beautiful paper poppies that were created so lovingly. The significance of remembrance was then marked with a one-minute silence throughout the whole school, giving everyone time to reflect and be grateful to those who gave their lives for our country.

Georgie Hunter, Head of Reception

Year 1 Children In Awe Of Real-Life Superheroes

Year 1 have this week been busy learning what a real life superhero looks like. The children read Real Superheroes, by author Julia Seal, and learnt a non-fiction text about brave firefighters using their picture story map. The icing on the cake was a visit from PC McBrown, who works as part of the Surry Police Dog Unit. The curious children learnt about open-ended questions and wrote three such questions that they would like to ask PC McBrown in their literacy books ahead of his exciting visit. The youngsters learnt so much about life as a police dog handler from his visit that all the children now want to be police officers when they grow up! The children are also really lucky to have the chance to interview Jasper the Firefighter (one of our expert grounds team) next week and Nurse Dove the following week. It seems that real-life superheroes are everywhere in our school community.

Kerri Wilkes, Year 1 Teacher

Caring Year 2 Learn That It's Good To Talk

Those who have read The Boy, The Mole, The Fox and The Horse might remember the horse saying that asking for help is refusing to give up. This week, Year 2 attended a well-being workshop and helped to tell Philip's story. Philip was worried about something and had a funny feeling in his tummy. As he searched for a solution, he bumped into the Calm Crocodile, the Peaceful Parrot and the Mindful Monkey, who all gave him helpful suggestions. Together with Philip, the children learned that everyone gets worried sometimes, that it can help to talk to someone about it and, most importantly, some calm breathing techniques that can be used anytime, anywhere. We have been delighted to see the children not only sharing their worries but also listening intently to their friends' concerns and offering their advice.

Sophie Delacombe, Year 2 Teacher

Year 3 Busy Making The Headlines - Quite Literally!

Stop press! Year 3 have started their new literacy unit on newspaper report writing. After the shock visit from a yeti last Friday, and the ensuing drama, the children are learning how to write an article that will hold a reader’s interest. Of course, a good piece of reporting starts with the writing of an attention-grabbing headline, and that is why the children spent this week’s creative time generating their own catchy banners. They really had the most fun, working altogether in Barn Owls. As it was also maths week, Year 3 worked extra hard on tricky maths challenges too. Throughout November, there are daily maths challenges set that help the children learn how to work through problems using bar models. The young learners take every opportunity to apply their new-found knowledge to practical problems and they are developing some super maths language as well as being able to demonstrate their understanding through their explanations. It has been another busy week in Year 3 and we are only just getting started - just make sure you 'read all about it!'

Stephanie Turner, Year 3 Teacher

Year 4 Work Wonders With Well-being Workshop

On Tuesday morning, Year 4 had the opportunity to run completely off-timetable in order to explore well-being; what it is and what they can do to look after their health and happiness. The morning began with an interesting discussion on what mental health is. Is it positive? Is it negative? Can it change? The answer to all the above, the children discovered, was yes. Everyone has mental health and everyone's well-being can change. Everyone has feelings and everyone's feelings can vary in intensity. Year 4 loved expanding their vocabulary on emotions and exploring the different ways they can express their feelings through colour, images, sounds and symbols. Think 'tickled pink' or 'walking on sunshine'. The children were treated to a wonderful Drama workshop that told the story of Jacob, who was able to improve his well-being by asking for help, staying active and learning mindfulness techniques. After the workshop, one quick-thinking Year 4 class implemented a 'movement minute' between their morning lessons to encourage positive wellbeing. What a wonderful morning Year 4 had, building on their knowledge of well-being and expanding their understanding of their own well-being. 

Rosie Statham, Head of Year 4

A Team Earn Bragging Rights As Year 5 Perform Well

Highfield's U10A netballers have been in fine form this week, losing by the odd goal in a thriller against Amesbury and rebounding with a huge win against St Edmund's. They topped off a great day by earning the school bragging rights with victory over the U10Bs. Against Amesbury, the match was close from start to finish as both teams defended well, gathering numerous interceptions and rebounds. Finding themselves 3-2 down early in the second half, Highfield equalised before intercepting the Amesbury centre to take a 4-3 lead. That lead was doubled courtesy of some lovely play by Eliza, who made some strong and accurate passes into the Amesbury goal circle all day, with Emily and Millie capitalising throughout the game, but the visitors finished strongly with a flurry of late goals to win a thriller 6-5. Next up was St Edmund's and Highfield's play went from strength to strength as they passed well and attacked with confidence and conviction. Clemmie was solid in defence, not allowing a single ball to pass into the St Edmund's attacking third, and Paloma's debut in the A team as shooter was a real success, scoring several goals alongside the ever-resilient Millie as Highfield ran out impressive 9-0 winners. The U10As and U10Bs then locked horns to round off an excellent afternoon of netball. It was a fraught game with excited shrieks and frantic cries as both teams battled hard to win possession. Once the excited chatter died down and both teams started to focus and play as we know they can, this was a close game not reflected so much by the 8-1 scoreline but by the fact that the ball frequently travelled up and down the court with chances aplenty at both ends. Well played both teams. There was some great netball on display and it was lovely to see so much improvement from everyone on the court.

Natalie McIntosh, U10A Netball Coach

Food Webs And Chains Are Food For Thought For Year 6

For the past two weeks, Year 6 have been busy exploring the fascinating topic of 'habitats, food chains and food webs'. The children learnt about the importance of each organism living in a particular habitat and how these organisms rely on each other in order to survive. To demonstrate this principle, 6 set 3 were each given an organism which linked within a specific food chain. Each food chain was then linked together via a piece of string to represent how these organisms all either directly or indirectly relied on each other, through a food web, to survive. Various factors were then introduced which would either reduce or increase the number of producers or predators and gradually removed some organisms to reflect how this would affect the amount of food available for the food web.

Ollie Hamilton, Head of Science

Year 7 Make Smashing Progress On The Badminton Court

Badminton is a significant feature of the Physical Education programme for all prep school year groups. Learning to play badminton is a wonderful way to develop hand-eye coordination, which has a positive impact on all sports, as well as a child’s all-round physical development. It is also a sport that is principally played indoors so it's a great racket sport for the winter season, and a sport that can be played well into later life. Year 7 have so far focussed on refining their serving actions and learning to apply serves as an attacking strategy. The children are looking to develop both the ability to perform a range of overhead shots, including the clear, drop shot and smash, as well as understanding when to apply these shots in competitive match play and using them as a strategy to win points. Net shots will soon come into play too as Year 7 look to develop the understanding of and ability to play in the doubles format. Once the skills to play and the understanding of the game has been developed, it really is a life-long sport for all. 

Jo Gordon, Head of Physical Education

Year 8 Ponder The 'Human' Aspect Of Geography

Along with the completion of their Common Entrance fieldwork, this term has seen Year 8 delve further into their studies of ‘human’ Geography.  This week, our attention has been on industry. There has been plenty of scope for discussion and debate regarding sectors of industry and factors that companies must consider when deciding where to situate their businesses, ranging from access to skilled labour to communications, transport links and potential governmental support. One of the tasks undertaken by Year 8 was to discuss what would be the best site for an iPad factory to be developed, including the various factors that need to be considered. It has also been encouraging and exciting to have the pupils link their classroom learning with wider discussion areas, such as COP26. The year group have been active and lively on this hot climatic topic, allowing them to enhance their learning and develop an even greater understanding of how the environment is impacted by actions and choices discussed in our ‘human’ Geography topics.

James Figgis, Head of Year 8

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