Dickensian Delight Adds Early Festive Flavour

Dickensian Delight Adds Early Festive Flavour
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Festive Fever Sweeps Through The Nursery

The run up to Christmas is one of the most exciting times of year in the Nursery - for children and adults alike - and preparations for the festive season began in earnest this week. The children loved listening to the Nativity story and learned why we celebrate this special time of year, and they drew upon all their creative flair when immersing themselves in various fun craft activities such as painting snowmen, making junk models of Father Christmas, and practising their cutting and fine motor skills to make paperchains. They also carefully decorated their own cardboard crowns ready for their big Christmas performance next week. In music with Mr Moo, the children were busy rehearsing some favourite seasonal songs for this highly-anticipated festive event and are very excited about the prospect of sharing their musical talent with their families. Today, ready for the last two weeks of term, they helped transform the classroom in their own unique style, enthusiastically adorning the Christmas tree with decorations, cutting out snowflakes to decorate the windows and converting the much-loved tepee into a Nativity scene, complete with props and dress-ups, so that they can enjoy re-enacting the Christmas story. It really is a very special time of year and there is definitely a feeling of excitement building!

Sam Forster, Head of Nursery

Reception Linguists Take Spanish Steps With Senor Rodriguez

The arrival of Mr Rodriguez into the Reception classrooms always creates a big buzz of excitement and a flurry of super Spanish words. Often starting with an enthusiastic 'hola!' from both the children and teachers, the children move around enthusiastically while chanting numbers one to ten in Spanish. And with increasing confidence the children share their newfound linguistic knowledge of colours when pointing at a range of different objects. Linking PSHE with Spanish, the children this week have also been learning the different vocabulary associated with members of their family while discussing that all families are different, a fact that is definitely something to be celebrated. Now, with December fast approaching, festive greetings of 'Feliz Navidad' can be heard throughout the Reception classrooms.

Georgie Hunter, Head of Reception

Life And Times Of A Nurse Fascinates Year 1 

It's safe to say that Year 1 have had a really busy week! A visit from our very own real life superhero, school nurse Mrs Dove, made the children stop and think about life as a healthcare professional. They were completely absorbed in her interesting talk and eagerly asked questions about nursing as a career. Being so engrossed in learning, whether up at Forest School identifying minibeasts, in the art room printing superhero capes, or listening to the life stories of fascinating visitors, is a learning power that the children are working incredibly hard at. They know that when they are absorbed, they have managed their distractions and allowed themselves to focus on the activity to the best of their ability, which is a really important skill that will stand them in god stead throughout their time at school and beyond.

Kerri Wilkes, Year 1 Teacher

Active Year 2 Get To The Heart Of The Matter

Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity

With the drop in temperature, Year 2 had to work harder and faster to get their heart rates pumping this week! Taking their science learning outdoors, they took part in different types of physical exercise and observed the effects on the heart while thinking about how this can help to keep us healthy. Collaboratively, the children worked scientifically by being encouraged to ask questions and find answers through their observations. They discussed what types of exercise they enjoy doing, suggesting which activities might make the heart beat fast and which would help to slow it down. The children shared their knowledge of this vital organ by explaining that it is a muscle. At first, it was a challenge to find a pulse with so many clothes on; however, once they had found their heartbeat, they noticed and recorded the effects of exercise such as an increase in thirst, warmer skin and breathing more heavily. It was impressive to witness them develop their resilient learning power in more ways than one. 

Henrietta Platt, Year 2 Teacher

Year 3 Newshounds Let Their Imaginations Run Wild

Following the inexplicable incident in Mr Millsom’s classroom, which left a trail of destruction, dubious clues and a plethora of unanswered questions, Year 3 continued to hone their investigative and journalistic skills by reporting on even more unusual occurrences. The children’s enthusiasm has been palpable and infectious, with parents enriching the learning experience by sending in memorable headlines of real-life historical events – so thank you! Having committed the ‘Big Foot, Big Fuss’ newspaper article to memory through imitation, Year 3 got on a roll, using their new-found literary skills to innovate the original newspaper article and, true to form, their imaginations ran riot. So watch out for jaguars on the loose in the dining hall, sabre-toothed tigers in a treehouse and sightings of a golden eagle in Highfield chapel! Next week, the children will be applying their knowledge to plan and write their own, unique newspaper article, so expect to be bombarded by some strange and startling tall tales…hyperbole being the order of the day. The Year 3 team simply can't wait to read the next edition of The Brookham Bulletin!

Shirley Jervis, Year 3 Teacher

Wartime Theme Continues As Year 4 Shelters Take Shape

Industrious Year 4 continued their wartime studies by working on their Second World War Anderson shelters in DT. Named after Sir John Anderson in 1938, the air-raid shelters were hastily built as a point of safety against German attacks and the children have been busy creating their own this term. After producing a paper maquette (model), the children built an internal structure for their shelter before covering it with corrugated cardboard and papier mache and getting to work on the shelter and garden with a paintbrush. Fencing and garden design will complete their war-related works of art.

Jane Smith, Year 4 DT Teacher

Year 5 Language Nuts Are Total Tech Marvels

Technology savvy Year 5 pupils got to grips with their latest Spanish assignment using Languagenut, our new online tool. As well as other online applications we have in the Modern Foreign Languages department, Languagenut offers the opportunity to learn, practise and enjoy a language in a completely different way. The children can practise the four key skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing - while learning new vocabulary or practising grammar. Year 5 had access via their iPads to an assignment that was pre-selected for them. Teachers get immediate feedback of their progress as pupils work their way through their Spanish assignment. The children love working with Languagenut as it gives them a little bit of variety and dovetails beautifully with traditional teacher-led lessons.

Adela Munoz Garcia, Year 5 Spanish Teacher

Year 6 Star In Fabulous Adaptation Of A Christmas Carol

A cast of 37 Year 6 pupils have been painstakingly rehearsing for the last six weeks and we were so excited that their production of Charles Dickens’ wonderful A Christmas Carol finally took to the stage on Thursday night. What made it all the better was they performed in front of a live audience of parents, who were suitably warmed with mince pies and mulled wine in true Dickensian style. Despite a few cast members sadly having to miss the performance because of coronavirus, the show went on and it didn't in any way detract from all the hard work, effort, magic and excitement that surrounded this production. The Year 6 thespians wowed everyone with their raw musical talent, their immense acting ability and their sheer talent to chill their audience to the core (albeit helped by the temperature plummeting outside!) and we were so proud of them all. Well done to each and every one of them, what a fantastic way to welcome in the festive season!

Sarah Baird, Head of Drama

Year 7 Learn Of The Effects On People Of Mother Nature's Power

While much of Year 7’s Geography focus has been on the physical processes and features of rivers and coasts, they have also paid a good deal of attention to how these natural actions affect people. For the past few weeks the children's attention has been focused on flooding, where the power and strength of nature has one of its greatest impacts on populations. It is another example of where the traditional splits of physical and human geography come together and lets the children understand the general causes and effects of such events, as well as the impacts that they have had in the lives of people in recent years. It also allows the children to use and develop their map-work skills by investigating an area and suggesting why certain sites might be more likely to be vulnerable to different types of flooding - and the firm message of “don’t build on a floodplain” has been shared repeatedly with future planners and developers. Map work continues to be a core skill within Geography and children are always learning how to use maps and GIS to further develop their knowledge and understanding throughout the curriculum.

James Figgis, Head of Geography

Year 8 Force A Draw After Stunning Second-Half Fightback

The first U13A home rugby fixture for two years always promised to be a belter after such a long wait - and the clash with Feltonfleet certainly didn't disappoint! Archie was at the heart of some promising Highfield attacks early on but the strength of the Feltonfleet running game saw the visitors dominate and run in four tries to one by half time despite a big effort by the home side's defence. What followed in the second half was one of the bravest and gutsiest performances of any team donning the green and black of Highfield. A beautifully executed attack, with Ben, Fergus and Archie linking up for a score in the corner, served as the impetus to raise the team and the comeback was well and truly on. The Highfield defence locked tight and prevented Feltonfleet from scoring in the second half, which gave Highfield a platform from which to attack. Trailing 4-3 with only a few minutes to play, Highfield man of the match Freddie went on the charge and a devastating sidestep on the Feltonfleet 22 followed by a full extension swallow dive under the posts sensationally levelled the match at 4-4. Never before has a draw felt like so much more. A big well done to the whole squad for their belief, courage and determination on the day.

Dan Bather, U13A Rugby Coach

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