"The quality of boarding is excellent. Boarders are extremely happy with life in the boarding houses"

ISI boarding report 2014

Boarding at Highfield is entirely optional, but it is always great fun – just ask the children. Comfortable and cosy dormitories, a range of great activities and an experienced and caring residential team provide all our boarders with an environment where they feel secure, confident and happy. With 120 boarders, it's fair to say boarding is thriving at Highfield!

London & Local Families

Boarding allows extra time and space in the curriculum for greater intellectual development, the chance for children to follow their interests and nourish their growing minds. Children are brilliantly prepared for either Common Entrance or Scholarship exams, without the academic 'hot housing' made necessary by the constraints of a day school. Choosing to board also offers families freedon from the hours spent travelling to and from school, clubs and friends' houses, as they are all there are their doorstep. For information on our Shuttle Service for London parents, please visit our London Parents' Page.

Ex Pat & Forces Families

Highfield has always had a strong and very happy association with Ex Pat and Forces families, for whom boarding provides added stability and the companionship of those in similar circumstances. These links have been especially strong when their children have boarded with us (often from as young as eight years of age) and as a consequence, we have got to know many families very well over the years. We take extra special care of our youngest boarders and you can find out more about this on our Junior Boarding Page.

International Families

If you are considering educating your child in  the UK, there really is no substitute for experience of boarding in the smaller ‘family feel’ environment of a Prep School,  before going on to Senior School. The Educating in the UK section of our website may be of interest to you. If you are considering Highfield for the purpose of improving your child's English, Highfield is a perfect choice as our very low numbers of international pupils allow for a complete immersion into the English language. You may be interested in finding out more in the International Admissions area. We also have a Summer School which may be of interest to you.

When to start?

Children may start to board at any time should they and their parents wish them to. It is advised that children moving on to senior boarding schools should board at some stage during their last two years in preparation, and the majority of children in Years 7 & 8 follow this pattern. The youngest boarding children in the school, children at eight or nine years of age, have a separate 'Junior House' which accommodates up to 18 children in a smaller environment more similar to a family home. To see more about boarding for younger children click here.

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